Gotuєmosya before the photo session. Odyag and make-up.

As a rule, people are hungry for those who look like they are in the photo. Ale mainstay of photography is masu nuances. I’m not just technical. For example, you know, you know, How can I put on a photojack correctly? І how can you make a mistake, you can see it in the photo?

When choosing to take a photo, remember that it’s the fault of your beauty, and not of taking all the respect for yourself. Whatever vipliv, it’s not a good idea to vibrate over that screaming, yaskravі zabarvlennya with a little baby. On the black ogyaz, the pivtoni is not clearly visible. In addition, at the evening that night, dark odeag is a taboo for zyomka. At nіy vi you are simply illumined by the nіchny landscape. On a white dress, you can't see pivtoni either, but a light beige will be angry with a shkiro. Greens are still imperceptible for photography: you can push against a variety of inappropriate vidtinoks.
Look to respect: purple and black colors can visually give you some rock in the photo.

Make-up is not less important for photojamming, not less. When it was exposed on the photograph, it was seen clearly - to brutalize respect for the sake of visages.

  • Eyes - smut with make-up for photo sessions... The make-up on the photo will be weaker, but not for sure. The upper part of this demand is nafarbuvati thicker. Ale do not overdo it with the lower ones. Tse can bring up to the appearance of the efect a child of ochima. The eyes of the varto podkresliti the olivtsy, who roztushuvavshi yak yak
  • You cannot do without powder... Bazhano, schob powder Bula with a matting effect. Yaksho navіt shkіra is not fat, maybe it’s so it’s that you’ll be on the photo. More beautifully, all the same, it is p_dstrahuvatisya and not a lot before the zyomkoy powder of accusation.
  • Ideal on viglyad photos light matte lipstick... Make sure your lips are focused, lightly apply a blister to the middle of the lower lip (do not overdo it, you can also use the glare on the lips).

Mice for photo sessions in Kiev

Transfer of the most beautiful works for carrying out photo session in nature in the boundaries of Kiev.

Andriyivsky uzviz

Tse mice is one of the romantic and mystical architectural monuments of Kiev. Reconstruction of the Andriyivskoy unit of aniskilka did not destroy the addiction of its outskirts. Andriyivsky uzviz zberigak sviy old viglyad. Tse mice never ceases to be a dzherel natchnenya for romantic artistic photo sessions. Andriyivskiy descent leads from Volodymyrskoy and Desyatinnaya street down to Kontraktova square. The interest is not only on the street itself, but on the streets, art galleries, theaters, shows and artistic masters, quiet courtyards.
It's a good idea to go for a fun and portrait photo session, Love Story, glamorous photo shoot

Central Botanical Garden imeni Grishka (bilya metro Druzhbi Narodiv)

Visiting card like a botanical garden, so the whole place of Kiev in general has long become a collection of buzku, magnolia and trojand. The Botanical Garden of Imeni Grishka is a more beautiful place for wintering in harmony with nature not far from the center of the city. Krym buzku, magnolia and trojand here are also selected unique collections of tropical and subtropical roses, grown in greenhouses with a vast area of ​​5 yew. square meters. One of the largest collections of tropical orchids. On the territory of the Botanical Garden, there is the Ion Monastery, and the Vidubitsky Monastery is located in the lower entrance.
It's a good idea to go for a fun photo session, Love Story

Botanic Garden named after O. V. Fomin (for m. University)

This is a small park, located in the center of the city, one of the most popular places in Kiev for walking. The most distant hour for zyomki from a quarter to a worm - an hour of blooming magnolias. It is of great importance that for the Botanical Garden of Kiev University of Nature there is a characteristic even more versatile relativity: here it is like a ravninny dilyanka, so they grasped some kind of toughness and a different kind of curiosity, which is great for allowing a photographer to be unhappy
Botanical Garden of O. V. Fomin's name to go for Love Story, photo session for girls, fun photography

Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra

The territory of the Museum of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in its own number is even more numerous in the number of historical architectural designs, ideally suitable for those who are looking for photographs. On the territory of you you can find a lot of churches and churches, dzvynytsi, vezhi, libraries, museums, chapels, drukarnya, galleries. There are a lot of trees here, which will give the whole holy place a little boyish look in any hour of fate. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is divided into two parts: Lower and Upper. The lower Lavra is partly located at the renowned Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), the upper Lavra is privately located at the renowned national Kyiv-Pechersk historical and cultural reserve.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Dobre pidijde for: fun photo sessions and Love Story.

Mikhailovskaya square and Sofiyivska square

Mikhailovskaya and Sofiyivska areas are one of the oldest areas near Kiev. Mikhaylovska square was formed in the XII century before the visit to the Mikhaylovsky Zolotverhy monastery. And on the mіstsі Sofіyskіy ploshchі, with redelivery, Yaroslav Mudry in 1036 rozgromiv pechenіgiv At that hour of the square there was a field near the walls of the city. There is a compact size of the old temples of the St. Sophia Cathedral and the St. Michael's Golden-Upper Monastery. The stench will delight you with your spaciousness, streamlining, ale vyshukanim rejuvenation. Mourners, if pratsyuє illumination, tsі mice become especially kazkovy for zyomka.
A good time for photo walks and fun.

Obolonska embankment

Obolonska embankment is one of the most romantic places for photo walks in Kiev, with a marvelous day close to 4 km. The central entrance of embellishments with flower beds and plantings with young evergreen trees. Tse mice has long been admired by youngsters. There are also effective and efficient photographs. And the evening and the low landscape gives a gorgeous panorama of the noble place with the Viblian leaders and the old coastal line, giving the vitonchen prospect and the community.
Obolonska embankment is suitable for fun photography and Love Story.


Expocentre of Ukraine is the main reserve of the Radiansky Baroque style in Ukraine. A seasonal divovizne mіsce, yak dіstalosya Kiev in the hours of the SRSR, і a unique architectural complex і a Vistavkovy center, і a green zone to wrap up. On the territory of VDNKh there are 180 rooms and houses. The status of historical and cultural memorials of Ukraine is 20 of them. It is very important for photography, the harmony of the recreational zone is supplemented by numerous landscape aleys, malovny lakes, fountains, restaurants and cafes, shashlik places and camping. Here it is often possible to hold photo sessions against the background of rich and relativistic sculptures of the Radian era. The price of a number of colonies, decorated with ornaments from the gifts of large-scale fields, basilfi on agricultural and industrial ones, a pink fountain, adornments with corn and a sleepyhead.
Mayzhe did not change the original style of the pavilions, all the radianska symbolics and barrels. Nykraschі pupils of the Radianskiye Budіwel have saved their own authentic viglyad.
VDNG is suitable for wedding photo sessions, Love Story and photo sessions for girls.

Pirogovo Museum

In the Pirogovo Museum, from the open sky at any hour of fate, signs are welcome. Navigate as soon as the weather is right, and do not tweak until it zyomki, here you can always find a harny angle. The miraculous peculiarity of the Pirogovo Museum is in the fact that it is majestic and even more colorful here. On the territory of the museum, more than 200 authentic events have been created, which symbolize the development of the region in the singing historical period (XVII-XX centuries). Another noteworthy feature of the Pirogovo Museum is the center of theatrical presentations, the festivities before the hour of national saints. On the territory of Pirogovo, you can often see people in national costumes, to be engaged in handicrafts of that hour - weaving, linen dishes from clay and inshikh.
Pirogovo Museum is suitable for: Love Story and photo sessions for girls, portfolios, collection of reports

Mamaєva Sloboda

Another Wonderful Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Pobutu - Kozatskiy Selyishche Mamaєva Sloboda... The wiring is very close to the center of Kiev, and its territory is even more convenient for photojetting. There are even more compactly spaced out-of-date old-time architectural objects: Kozak booths, church trees, shinoks, cossacks, pottery, smithy, wood mlin, water mlin, garnie stakes, pasika; on the territory of the house.
As soon as it was torn from Pirogovo, there are more green trees and more trees. The atmosphere is calm and calm, and I see that you are staying in this old-fashioned Ukrainian village.
Mama's Sloboda is suitable for: fun photo sessions, photo sessions in nature, Love Story and portrait photography.


Russian version: Places for photo shoots in Kiev

Yak znimati vesіllja? A little bit of delightful delights.

Vesilna photography - one of the types of zyomka, which is a vimag of a photographer of high quality. Submit the photographer for a wedding song of pennies. For a penny, the weighty photographer should be shown to know the portraits of all types: і explanations, і in growth, і great plans, і groups. Aside from portrait photography, you also need a wider arsenal of reporter photography. Vaughn includes snuggles of yak on the street with a bright dream, so it is literate to get rid of sleepers in unlit primitives. In addition to the good news, the reportage, so that you can figure it out and not get involved in the call, a good professional photographer will always be guilty of creating an idea and introducing a couple of stories, which are guaranteed to please. Such kadri is not guilty but lousy to hang on the wall or on kilims.

Krim tsyogo, the photographer at the wedding is guilty of being able to master the present accept retouching portraits, but at the same time, in my own heart, I need a computer literacy.

When visiting specific buildings, it is necessary to stand in front of a fun photographer, special tools are required. For example, mothers are not important at all two cameras... On one carcass, put on a garnish wide-cut lens, and on the other a zoom-telephoto lens. Vesіllya is the end of the binding ceremonies, which is performed in a very fast rhythm. The photographer will need to recognize all the most important things for young people at the most important moments. For example, I will not become a source of interest for the photographer to repeat the signed documents in RAGSI (as long as you didn’t remember the object). To that another device with its own is a guarantee that you will wake up everything.

With digital SLRs, you can easily use them for zyomka weight. It doesn't matter if you have a camera. More importantly, the speed of the zyomka is important and I will write it down. As far as you know, you won't be able to imagine the whole gamut of emotsies being young, but as often as I will write down - as long as the camera is thoughtfully lit up with a green light, you will not be awakened by the senses.

On the weekly market is required light-strength optics... The signs are not guilty but you can see digital noise and graininess. Also, on the offense of the chamber, call the call sleepers with swivel heads and Softboxes.

A weighty photographer has a portfolio to lie on a tripod, so there may be some drops, if it is necessary to know in the hall with small illumination. Sleepers can only solve the problem privately. As a result of them, it is uncomfortable to see it. Tripod to allow the restaurant to speak clearly, to deceive it sacredly.

These are the main things for the robots weighty photographer... There are still a lot of nuances, as they come from admission.