Yak znimati vesіllja? A little bit of delightful delights.

Vesilna photography - one of the types of zyomka, which is a vimag of a photographer of high quality. Submit the photographer for a wedding song of pennies. For a penny, the weighty photographer should be shown to know the portraits of all types: і explanations, і in growth, і great plans, і groups. Aside from portrait photography, you also need a wider arsenal of reporter photography. Vaughn includes snuggles of yak on the street with a bright dream, so it is literate to get rid of sleepers in unlit primitives. In addition to the good news, the reportage, so that you can figure it out and not get involved in the call, a good professional photographer will always be guilty of creating an idea and introducing a couple of stories, which are guaranteed to please. Such kadri is not guilty but lousy to hang on the wall or on kilims.

Krim tsyogo, the photographer at the wedding is guilty of being able to master the present accept retouching portraits, but at the same time, in my own heart, I need a computer literacy.

When visiting specific buildings, it is necessary to stand in front of a fun photographer, special tools are required. For example, mothers are not important at all two cameras... On one carcass, put on a garnish wide-cut lens, and on the other a zoom-telephoto lens. Vesіllya is the end of the binding ceremonies, which is performed in a very fast rhythm. The photographer will need to recognize all the most important things for young people at the most important moments. For example, I will not become a source of interest for the photographer to repeat the signed documents in RAGSI (as long as you didn’t remember the object). To that another device with its own is a guarantee that you will wake up everything.

With digital SLRs, you can easily use them for zyomka weight. It doesn't matter if you have a camera. More importantly, the speed of the zyomka is important and I will write it down. As far as you know, you won't be able to imagine the whole gamut of emotsies being young, but as often as I will write down - as long as the camera is thoughtfully lit up with a green light, you will not be awakened by the senses.

On the weekly market is required light-strength optics... The signs are not guilty but you can see digital noise and graininess. Also, on the offense of the chamber, call the call sleepers with swivel heads and Softboxes.

A weighty photographer has a portfolio to lie on a tripod, so there may be some drops, if it is necessary to know in the hall with small illumination. Sleepers can only solve the problem privately. As a result of them, it is uncomfortable to see it. Tripod to allow the restaurant to speak clearly, to deceive it sacredly.

These are the main things for the robots weighty photographer... There are still a lot of nuances, as they come from admission.

Photos for pochatkivtsiv. What is the need for the nobility about their camera?

Would the nobility know about the photography of people, how would you like to get rid of yakisny, beautiful and non-private signs? Often, those who are bachimo through the prism of a camera can see the final result, which looks like a display to us. The dermal one wants to know the best or the closest before; without light beaches, dimness and flooding.

Let us, in turn, as the basis is necessary for the nobility of the skin, hto trim in the hands of a camera. Otzhe, pretty much, mabut, s showroom... The qi function will adjust the yak automatically, so i will hand it over. It’s an hour-long interval, which can be seen in small parts of the second, behind which light penetrates through the camera lens onto the matrix. Abo, in simple words, the moment of fixation of the frame itself. The interval varies from approximately 30 to 1/4000 of a second. Correct and appropriate setting of the infusion for the clarity of the photograph, a short term for the display for photographs in Russia or for macrozyomki... And a great deal of money for dimming with no arduous illumination, so that the photo did not look daunting and dull. Everybody respected this function on the camera, like the balance of the beloved. With him, all the three things are simpler, you pour it into the white color and the sign on the mark. The photo can be seen more and more brightly, we can see it.

And here it is with diaphragm will be kind. The price can be explained more easily by pushing the stock. When the shutter is active, it’s like, before the hour of pressing the button, it’s going to stop and, by ourselves, it’s a sign. On the application of the intramural winter, there will be a lot of light. To see that the camera is our eye. The axis of the hour, behind which you can blink, and the window. The parameters of the showcase lie in the form of sanctification, adjust the same way, manually and automatically.

The very nature of the sign, and in the distance, lies in the meaning of diaphragms. The sensitivity of the matrix, or according to the ISO, I will lay down all the light near you. Yes, there is a sign of clarity and allows you to make good shots in times of confusion, or even if there is even less illumination. Lower ISO, less graininess in the photo, noise. Everything can be stored up as a result of sanctification, and the meaning of light sensitivity can be grate, vibrate, but more often on cameras there is an automatically assigned light, the camera itself is designed to be meaningful, in order to provide a good indication. Melodiously, it is necessary and necessary already written. Apparently, it has no function and capabilities, which are generally required by the nobility and vicorists, who are only able to figure out the main terms from their axis. Be respectful, and you will see everything, the goal is to be foldable and unreasonable at first glance, for the truth everything is simpler.

We will not read about those who will be correct composition, for what secrets to still life.

This is also correct:

Yak know the portrait?

When making a portrait, you can get by without any special technique. The main thing here is artistry and naturalness

models. Vzaєmorozumіnnya mіzh by the photographer and the model, the atmosphere is invisible, the positive attitude is the axis of the chief officials for the establishment of a garnished portrait.
Ale, krіm tsyogo, still deyaki rules.
1. Try not to photograph "head-on" as much as possible. The call is not obov'yazkovo, but the model marveled into the frame. To turn around - I often go out to find photographs, if people are busy with occupations, as if right or thinking to wonder aside. It is important that at such a moment the model doesn’t get stuck, but it’s natural for the frame.
2. The hour of taking a portrait grows like this, so that the frame of the picture is smaller than the ones that are about the model (furniture, people, etc.). To pick up everything that does not apply to the plot of your sign.
3. You can see the picturesque portraits, the close-ups - if in the frame you can see the deprecation or part of the denunciation. This allows for the image-building of the image on the skin element of the portrait: cleaning, cosmetics, or unworthiness will be seen more.
4. Ridko kindly go through the photographs, de model roztashovuutsya strictly in the center. The photo is more natural, as it roztashuvati lyudinu trohi right handed or livoruch (please do not oversleep a lot of empty mission on the sides).
5. In vipadku, if you need to take people in a fresh look on the background of the sea or the little boys' weights, remember, do not get into two rabbits: do not go into the distance at once and the landscape and the people. To rob the mark so, that lyudin was the center of the composition, and the burning and the sea set off the bright background. Whole country can be photographed around.
6. Unique string string: give people the freedom to relax and take a handy pose. Likewise, we will not take up the position for photographs of people.
7. Have another item. First of all, I didn’t know how to make a mark, I wondered if I didn’t consume anything in the frame, but I didn’t take a picture: lines of high-voltage transmissions, darts, road signs, fences, smittya and other unused. It is innocent to wash anything behind the model: lіkhtarny stovp, wood, gilka, etc.
8. The skinny sign of stubble-knitting but balancing on the composition: landscape, sky, sea is innocent, but it is innocent, for a vignette, which is not part of the artistic plan. Ideally, the main rule of composition (the rule of the Golden Peretin) is met: the sign is guilty of being divided horizontally and vertically into three parts, and the key elements of the plot (eyes, head, mouth) are rooted in three parts.
9. Persh yak zrobiti znimok, zvernit respect for odyag models. Vona is guilty of sitting normally, being clean, not mother, etc. When it comes to prikhovati such defects, the frame can be recomposed.
10. When portraying photo shoots, the stitches behind the thinness are still important. I’ll grow sharp in the frame, but I don’t have a portrait of a model, and then don’t expect it. The background plan is rosimized even more in portraits and photo sessions... If you are focusing, pay respect to those who have a strong focus.