Photosession - the most beautiful present until the Day of Zakhanikh!

Observe sacredly usih zakhanih abo Valentine'S Day... A lot of people are already supplied with power: what a gift for a day? What a gift to turn on Valentine's day? what to please the girl with? 

Ideal option - thematic love story photo session at the studio... A photo session in a quiet interior with decorations until the Day of Peaces will be accepted and unforgettable gift.

You can read more about the service here:

14 fierce ones are already close, go to sleep and please your kohanikh!

interior of a photo studio for Valentine's Day

Perelik RAGSiv near Kyiv

List of RAGSіv in the city of Kiev:

1. Golosiyivskyi RAGS (044) 289-13-78
2. Darnytsia RAGS (044) 566-00-02, 566-37-55
3. Desnyanskiy RAGS (044) 546-69-97, 515-17-45
4. Dniprovsky RAGS (044) 559-90-66
5. Liberal RAGS (044) 566-02-20, 566-00-81
6. Obolonskiy RAGS (044) 412-72-61
7. Pechersk RAGS (044) 280-12-42
8. Podilskiy RAGS (044) 425-05-64, 425-69-43
9. Svyatoshinsky registry office (044) 274-26-76
10. Solomensky RAGS (044) 408-22-55, 497-30-31
11. Central RAGS (044) 236-00-71, 236-79-81
12. Shevchenkivskyi RAGS (044) 483-45-58
13. RAGS of the Kyiv city administration of justice (044) 263-94-20
14. RAGS of the Kiev regional administration of justice (044) 425-32-24

RAGSi Kiev on mapi:


Information for the restoration of the boat

How much does it cost?

Restoration, keeping, registration of the declaration and evidence about any time you will get about 200 UAH.

If you need a mother, please declare:
1. Passports
2.Identifying codes
3. Yaksho є - testimony about separation

Scho treba brothers in the registry office on the day of the whore

1. Passports
2. Hoops
3. Vesilny towel
4. A cheerful cow
5. Kelikhi for newlyweds
6. Champagne
7. Box of tsukerok

(points 3-7 are optional, if you are recording only twice)

Obov'yazkovo specify the hours of the application and the hours of the restoration by phone. Inodi RAGSi can їх zmіnyuvati (zokrema, on grass saint).


Winter photo sessions in the studio from Olegasphoto

New Year's photo studioWinter is time for rock to spend photo session at the studio... In the warm and calm atmosphere of the photo studio, you can realize a lot of images. At the time of the fate of the photo studio, there are organized thematic new interiors with skiffs, igrashkas, garlands and bagaty people, allowing the whole world to see the saintly mood of winter saints.

New photo session can be held yak to, and after celebration New Rock... You can take a photograph by yourself, you can take a couple (Love story), with friends. The tax in the studio is also important to carry out weighty photo sessions.

The photo session can be arranged at the viglyad's gift. For any demand, you will be pribati gift certificate.

Application of the Inter'ernoy Photo Studio:

photo studio in New Year's style

Photo session:

The butt of one more inter'ernoy photo studio:

good interior studio

Butt of the photo session Love story at the tsiy studio:


In order to fill up the photoshoot, go through contacts.