How can you take a photograph in a studio with permanent illumination?

Photography in the studio is a genre of photography, which will help you to understand the truth and right. Novachkov, after having drunk in the studio for the first time, will be able to use the lighting attachments and find the simplest lighting scheme. Ale in tsyu vypadku є vikhіd s situatsії. Also, in the studio, you can learn not without impulse illumination, but also with permanent ones. Such a robot is very simple. She has her own specialties.

Before the ear of zyomka, there is a difference, in yakiy studio you know. Vibir studios at once great. Slide to brutal respect at the inter'ernі photo studio. Such primitives will have a creative space for you to reject tsikavih photos. The rent of inter'ernyh studios, of course, dear to those of the wives. Ale tse that kostuє. Having spared and rented a simple studio with a large background and an empty hall (for a small penny - more and more cryptic), you will be able to easily draw up tsikavi photographs. Tse maє sense, if you need to create a photo session for the catalog odyagu (model in pink overalls on a white background). If the meta of a photo session is the beginning of creative photographs with its own atmosphere, then it’s worth thinking about an inter'ernu photo studio.

There is a lot of illumination at most of the studios in the impulse. Those є vi pracyuvatimete iz spalakh. At the kids' studios there are lamps of permanent light. It is simpler with them, you will see the result immediately. The minus of permanent illumination is that it is more important than a practical model - there is a permanently bright light in the eyes and overheating from external lamps. First and foremost, make money more expensive. The piece is permanently light to grow vicious for videozymes. Є і іnshy option - naturally lasting light. About the tse and from the beginning.

When the robot is in the studio without sleeping, there is only one dzherelo of natural light - light from the window... To that, if you can know the knowledge with such a light, arm the studio next to the hour of light. In other words, it’s not a skin studio for everyone who can go. In the case of the children, the stench is small, in the stink of the people, you can wake up in the eyes of the day. Tsereba obov'yazkovo vrahovuvati. If you were able to tell us the bureaucrats, they knew the garnier studio, they knew the model - how are they?

Now I'll have a lot of respect for your technology. For robots with natural illumination know high-power optics... Forget about the kit object. Ideal you have a max butti 50mm 1.2 or 85mm 1.2 or 35mm 1.4... In extreme vypadku, ob'єktiv zі svitlosiloy 2.8.

The coming moment - rattle for model... Tse theme for okremoї articles... Varto pіdcresliti, so the model can feel comfortable and you have an emotional contact with her. Two points give 80% success.

May I see the technique, I have chosen a place for zyomka, a model has been prepared and I have a light from the window, you will need to play with a good angle and have fun. Here it is easy to see more concretely, some fragments can be found in the skin individually.

Butt of the photo session in the studio.

The robot passed both impulse and permanent illumination.

olegasphoto youtube channel

Youtube channel Olegasphoto

Now with my robots you can get to know Youtube channels.

On this channel you can learn about:

  •     video from photo sessions
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The managers of the video from the photo session can be aware of the process of wintering and marvel at those who see the pose of the frame. This is the kind of opportunity, I do it, if I am brown as potential clients, as well as for photographers.

With an additional slide show, you can see my robots in front of me in a quick and easy way.

Test video of assets (in general, perhaps, and of the latest technology) will be for photographers, thinking about buying new technology. I will distribute such videos by extension to the already written reviews and articles.

Video of organizational photo sessions:

Yak spend winter photo sessions?

winter photo session in KievBagato hto spend the winter with great impatience, even at the same hour you can enjoy the beautiful snowy landscapes to your heart's content, take part in the winter іgri і, great, create a photo session for yourself or your friends.

Winter - it's time for rock to be tacky. Wonderful styles of possibilities for a thirsty pick and roast! For example, you can take an active part in charging you: grate in snowballs, ride on kovzans, licks and sanchats, go to sleepyheads, be smart forts, etc. Lisu for a while after sitting over a cup of hot tea in a quiet cafe.

You will be able to remember the beauty and the attraction of winter, as well as the unique moments of the fair winter season, so that the winter photo session will come in handy. The axis is tilki how more beautiful to draw? Your vibration will be stored from bagatokh chinnikiv. Realization of the winter photo session can be carried out in the skin in a different way.

So with a frown and bad weather, your winter photo session may be inspired by the dramatic genre: you can show how nature will charge the monsters to die, but when the spring heat comes, it will be born again. And the axis on a clear, sleepy winter day It is possible, navpaki, to have a photo session fun and dynamically, having memorized the well-known signs of the winter holidays.

Persh nizh virishity, as an idea for a photo session, if you are more beautiful than anything else, think about tim, in which place you wanted to hold a photo session. For winter signs, the most distant places such as lis, banks of rivers or lakes, park or park, are in the distance, - in these times of winter the atmosphere is felt especially strongly and it is easier to convey on signs. Whilst, it’s not worse for the antitrophies to go through photography and in the minds of a typical Mysky landscape: it’s not necessary to carry out an analysis of the best winter streets or provinces.

An important aspect of your future winter photo session is the tse odyag. In a properly chosen dress, you cannot get angry with the background. At any given hour, when choosing a suitable one, please come with respect to the details, please add some photos on the signs of the tsikavi accent: for example, know the nice walks or a fluffy shalik with mittens, a hollow kid's hat with pompoms, help ...

With the requisite for a winter photo session, you can get beautiful grapes, sweet fruits (apples, oranges), non-private cups, a quiet calm blanket. It is also possible, for the inclusion of your ideas for a winter photo session, to know more cute plushies, sanchata, kovzani or lizhi that in.

In winter, you can get rid of even more tsіkavі and emoji snapshots, smut - your mood and bazhannya!