What is more beautiful than family portraits? Please the pohatkivtsyam

The title of a photo can be cleverly divided into three groups:

  1.   special family photos
  2.   traditional family photos
  3.   photo from the life of the family

Skin sіm'ya zberіgaє bezlіch photo. A great deal of its own stench has little that is documentary. The reason for this is that the familiarity is quick, the technical aspects of zyomka do not come with respect, and the creative element is seen. It is easy to solve the problem by explicitly requesting professional photographer.

Ale yak get by with power?

A literate portrait is guilty of representing the specialness of people. A simple decal of simple, less effective methods of capturing bright family photos.

Catching tsikavi virazi faces

Emotions and captured moments bring dynamics to the skin photo test. Be it a portrait overshadowed by the sight of disagreement, like a face on the day. Shchiri look, invisible besida is the axis of shcho maє buti in photographs. Models can be spilkuvatisya, go for walks, razmovlyat and call not to beastry on you. Such moments are more beautiful than all photographs zakohani bet.

Know with natural illumination

Photographs without victorian sleepers must see nature. A short hour for the chicks on the street is before the wounds or the evening before setting. At the end of the hour, the sun gives me a glimpse of illumination, as you see it in the distance.

Freeze requisit

Requisite is especially important for robots with children. Come on, little child in the frame at the school. Borrow її chimos - and the photoset is easy, unimpeachable and emotional.

Focus correctly

One of the out-of-the-way rules for drawing family portraits is focusing on the eyes of the visitor with open diaphragms. This will give you the power to play the background, emphasizing respect for the smart faces.

Play with frames

Є The thought has been expanded, so the portrait is guilty of being upright. The price is not necessarily binding. Try different options. Go from one type of cadre to the last one.

Great pleasure and recommendations. In practice, you just need to know a lot about it. And you will see everything!

How can you make beautiful wedding photos?

Yaksho vi want to make a mistake great photographs at the notice, you need to read the article and remember the moments:

  1. At tsei urochisty day is guilty of a great professional photographer with the approval of that man new establishment.
  2. Before the wedding, you need to meet with the photographer and discuss your ideas. It is also a good idea to be amazed at the production of your portfolio.
  3. The photographer needs to go ahead, about the scenarios of the fun day: for example, the release of pigeons, the fiery first tank of the young, fireworks, or even horse riding. Talk about the need for a long time, so that the photographers need to go to the holy days, to change the objects, remember the adjustment, set up a tripod and the light.

About organizing a fun and a fun walk.

Talk more about how you organize your moments with the photographer, so your spirits will be more beautiful.

  • For a walk and photo session, see the minimum 2 - 3 years. A whole hour of insurance for a decilka of mistsseys, an hour for a trip may be required vrahovuvati.
  • Before the wedding day, you need to call me from the wheel of the truck and tell about the route of the trip, and think about it, that it’s more beautiful than anything else, it’s taking an hour. There were drops, but the driver didn’t know in any place where he was parked and where he was, but he didn’t get it, talk to the water early, but not on the day of the party
  • It’s not natural for a guest to have fun for an hour, so if there’s a photo walk, it’s more beautiful to have champagne in a quiet place, and to drink chimdals from them, but only the groom is called a photographer. If you don’t leave the guests for an hour, then you will have helpless photographs with them, and with staged shots in the background, take the guests, and, moreover, they are not invited for an hour.

More details about the replacement of a photographer for a wedding in Kiev:


Yak fotografuvati їdlo?

Otrimati beautiful, appetizing signs and not so much as simple. Even behind other photography, the look can both attract and see.

In order to take a beautiful photo of a їzhu, it is necessary to be victoriously svitlovidbivach, schob pіdsvіtiti tіni. Yaksho know macro-asset, then you will have a very small depth of rise. Yaksho marvel at the robots professional photographers, then the main illumination is going behind, so that the light is back. And even the stench is victorious, even a small depth of growth.

The first moment - price of illumination. Garno yaksho є natural illumination. Ale yaksho vi vikoristovuєte teleob'єktiv, you need as much as possible to open the diaphragm. Vibirate її three things і pіd kutom over їzheya. With such a rank, we need a little bit more illumination, more visibility from tarilki and tini on the very same day.

Є a little trick when choosing a zyomka point - when zyomtsi ike the need, the diaphragm is 2,8 or 4.

You can vikory the way dovofoktivny ob'обktiv or macroob'ktiv for zyomka їstіvnyh supplies. Put the tarilka closer to the window, so the light fell backwards.

If you have any need, you will memorize those tіnі, as you get ready for the victorian back light... As soon as one marvels at a magazine about the rise in price, it is practical to take revenge of photographs from them, as it is possible to try them in this or that country. Rise of the light of the sound in the fall: from the window or the dzherel. If you are in a restaurant, then you can just by the way just bila servetka with paper or ganchirku. It is important to put the exact focus in order to keep the most out of the picture. You may have even a small part of the image at the focus, but the sieve is not. You can be victoriously natural light from a window.

The other is special when photographing їzhі: vrahovyte kut padіnnya svitla. Display the minimum number of diaphragms, as it allows you to display your object. So, we will be able to straighten a little piece of light from the back of the head to the bottom of the box. At the same time, it is as close as possible to the moment. A small reflector duly roztashuvati de you need. Oskіlki nіbi you sit over the tarіlka, that is how your insights look natural and attractive to look.

I have a lot of respect for the robot of photographs, as they work with her:

Butt fotografuvannya їzhі.