Nicefoto SN-29 optical snooze review

About that, what is sleep I already wrote earlier. Now let's move on to more complex matters - optical sleep.

optical sn29 nicefoto snXNUMX

How is it different from a conventional tube?

Lenses can be worn here. That's it, roughly speaking. And if the smart guy:

This type of cone reflector is equipped with an optical attachment with the ability to install interchangeable optics.

I am reviewing on optical snooter Nicefoto SN-29, but in general there are a lot of them from various manufacturers. This is one of the inexpensive attachments of this type. The cost is possible see here.

By the way, the kit comes with a lens Yongnuo 50mm f1.8.

optical sn29 nicefoto snXNUMX

You can also wear any other Canon EF mount lenses there:


optical sn29 nicefoto snXNUMX

What does he give?

There are a huge mass of use cases for optical sleep. As a rule, these are creative shots with an original effect in the background.

  • The presence of optics allows you to form a clear picture against the background. It can be just a smooth circle of light with soft or hard edges (whichever you want).
  • You can make various patterns of light on the background. The device comes with a small set of Gobo masks, that is, metal plates with cutouts that will form the patterns projected onto the background.
  • With this attachment you can turn your permanent light into a projector. There are several slides included, but again you can buy or print any other images on film and project them wherever you want. But there are limitations in this matter.

nicefoto sn29 gobo masks and slides

The easiest way to get creative is to buy Soviet transparencies. They work great with this thing. I went further and ordered my slides from the nearest printing house.

optical slides for projection

Restrictions on the use of optical snails

Just like a normal sleep, the optical sleep gets very hot from constant light. For pulsed flashes, this is not so noticeable. But if you want to use this thing as a projector, there will be some limitations. So, for example, my Godox SL60 device at 100% power overheats in 15 minutes. You can work at 50-60% power for a long time.

You can increase the intensity of the luminous flux through the use of faster optics. For example, I dressed Canon EF 50mm f1.2L instead of the Yongnuo 50mm f1.8 and received a noticeable increase in brightness at the same power. And here, however, there is a nuance - this whole design is bulky and heavy.


optical sn29 nicefoto snXNUMXOutwardly it looks like some kind of blaster. It shines well, but there are concerns about the stability of this device. The design strongly outweighs towards the lens. Plus, I already want a light with an iron mount instead of a plastic one. Heavy (and expensive) lenses are not very suitable for use with Nicefoto SN-29. Dumb somehow. Lightweight and plastic Yongnuo 50 f1.8 Is a very rational solution. By the way, about optics, only lenses with mechanical focusing control work here.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. Buying such a thing is much better and more interesting than upgrading another lens. Going from an f1.8 lens to an f1.2 lens won't give you as much of a creative effect at all as this thing. Of course, here we are talking about studio shooting, which is more specific. But such a dream can be worn on a flashand then play with this effect anywhere. In general, I am delighted.

Video review with examples of using Nicefoto SN-29:

nikon z6 ii

Nikon Z6 II review - one of the best full-frame mirrorless cameras

Camera Nikon z6 ii Is an indisputably worthwhile full-frame mirrorless camera of the end of 2020.

What is the Nikon Z6 II?

This is an updated version of an already successful Nikon Z6... Compared to its predecessor, the second version received 2 memory card slots (XQD + SD), 2 processors (which increased the speed of continuous photography from 12 to 14fps), as well as a 4K 60fps mode (but in a crop). The second Z6 also learned to be powered by USB-Type C, which I appreciated when testing the stream with this camera. In 2 hours, it took only 1 division of the battery with the USB connected.

Nikon Z6 II looks

The camera body is the same as the original Nikon Z6. Stylish and comfortable body. It fits perfectly in the hand, a high-quality, but not rotatable in the opposite direction screen.


About lenses

At the time of this writing, there is 14 lenses for mirrorless Z-mount. This is already a lot, there is plenty to choose from. And of course, you can use the old optics through the adapter. But screwdriver lenses will be without autofocus.

nikkor z mount lenses

By the end of 2022, we are promised 27 Z-mount lenses, which will clearly cover any needs of modern photographers.

The camera came to my review with two lenses - Nikon Z NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f / 4 S and Nikon NIKKOR Z 85mm f / 1.8 S:

  • Mirrorless Nikkor Z 85 mm f1.8

Nikon NIKKOR Z 85mm f / 1.8 S

  • Mirrorless Nikkor Z 14-30mm f4
    Nikon Z Nikkor 14-30mm f / 4 S

Optically, both are excellent. No complaints about sharpness, aberration, distortion, and more. The only complaint is the retractable mechanism of Nikon's mirrorless zooms - you need to extend the trunk before work.

What's new in the Z6 II?

In general, the innovations concern more videos than photos. Owners of the first Nikon Z6 hardly make sense to upgrade. But for people thinking about a new camera with an eye on video filmingof course Nikon Z6 II will be more to your liking.

Of the minuses, I would mention the autofocus requiring settings on the video.


Before adjusting, he worked, then stupid. But if you delve into the menu and add sensitivity to it, then the AF tracking in the video becomes fast, daring and sharp like a bullet.

Nishtyachki from AliExpress for Nikon Z6, Z6II, Z7, Z7 II:

Video review

Also read about Nikon D780 and about portraits on Nikon cameras

New Sigma fp L released

What is the Sigma fp L? This is full frame mirrorless cameraequipped with an L-mount (Panasonic and Leica lenses).

Sigma fp L resembles the previous fp model, but has a significantly increased resolution of 61 MP instead of 24,6 MP. Instead of the proprietary Foveon matrix, a conventional sensor with a Bayer filter was installed in this model.

If the Sigma fp could rightfully be called the smallest and lightest full-frame camera in the world with a weight of 370g, then the fp L already weighs as much as 427g.

The camera is obviously highly specialized, as it lacks a mechanical shutter. It can only work on an electronic shutter with all the ensuing consequences.

Video filming with Sigma fp L

The Sigma fp L writes to itself in 4K (3840 at 2160px) at a frequency of 30fps, which is no surprise to anyone now. But via HDMI, it is capable of outputting a video stream in ProRes RAW, Cinema DNG RAW or Blackmagic RAW format. In Full HD, the camera writes up to 120fps.

Like almost all modern cameras, this model already supports USB type-C power. This is convenient if you want to lead to it, for example, streams on youtube... For example, I tested this feature with the Nikon Z6 II and it actually works.

Separately, you can purchase an electronic viewfinder EVF-11 (OLED with a resolution of 3,68 million dots) installed on the side of the camera and occupies the HDMI port.

sigma fp l euf

Sales are scheduled for mid-April 2021 for $ 2499, with a separate viewfinder for $ 699. Buy immediately with the viewfinder = $ 100 discount.

By the way, regarding discounts, I recommend checking the new section “Nishtyachki from AliExpress«.