About Youtube channel Olegasphoto

olegasphoto youtube channelI am glad to share information about my Youtube... I founded it in 2014. Spread backstage video, customer reviews and some technical reviews. With time my video reviews became more popular. I started actively developing the channel at the beginning of 2019. Since then (early 2019), the number of subscribers has grown from 1700 to 12 now (July 000).

I continue to work intensively on the content for my channel. I am pleased that videos are generating a lot of engagement among an ever-growing audience. I can judge this by the number of views, comments, likes and dislikes. People are very sensitive to this or that content and I have enough experience to judge their preferences.

On this channel you can see:

  • reviews of video and photo equipment;
  • topics "how to choose a camera?", "how to shoot?", "how to make money from photography?" etc.;
  • my portfolio in the direction of photo and video.

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I have an opportunity order a video review with your product (if it fits the subject).

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What are my options?

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Photo studios in Kiev for business photo sessions

Choosing a studio for business portrait and for wedding photo session is very different. Most photo studios are designed for family photography, love-story photo sessions and weddings. This implies the presence of upholstered furniture, double beds (although I personally I do not agree with their presence in wedding photography), lush fireplaces and the predominance of pastel shades in the interior to create a cozy home atmosphere. In the previous sentence, I described the content of a typical photo studio. As we understand it, this is of little use for a business portrait or employee photography for a website / social network.

What do you need for a corporate (business) photo shoot?

Of course, everything depends on the nature of the company's activities and the image that the photographs should create. The image is influenced primarily by the clothing style of the employees and the location where the shooting takes place. The style of clothing can be both smart-casual and strict business - it all depends on where the photos will be placed and what impression they should create. I photographed employees both in casual clothes and in a strict business style. The filming locations were both company offices and specially rented studios. The main thing is to understand before the photo session what effect needs to be achieved. Based on this, you need to select a location.

I'll move on to specifics. Below I will give examples of studios where I have already worked many times, and I can recommend them for business-style photography. Most studios have different halls... Most rooms are not suitable for such purposes for the reasons that I described above. Therefore, next to the name of the studio, I will indicate the hall that is best suited for our purposes.

By the way, for our purposes, it is very preferable to have single-colored backgrounds. Not all halls are equipped with them, I will pay attention to this.

Kiev photo studios that I recommend for business photo shoots

1. Photo studio PLAY, halls LAP and LOFT

The most popular for such purposes here is the LAP hall. Noteworthy are the white office interior area and the neutral gray wall with a cubic texture. There are many different chairs, which is a plus. In the studio Inlight, which will be discussed later, this is tight. The advantage of the photo studio LAP is good sound insulation and the presence of constant light, therefore it is good for recording video interviews. I have done a lot of this kind of shoot in this studio.

The interior of the LOFT hall is also interesting, but more specific, since it is strongly dominated by dark shades.

2. Photo studio XXL, Brooklyn Hall

This is a very popular room in this studio. Especially suitable for male photo shoot. One half of the room recreates the atmosphere of a closed men's club with a large leather sofa, muted backlighting and the skin of a dead mammoth on the floor. The ideal image is men in suits, cigars, whiskey (usually present as a props).

3. Photo studio VISION studio, MIX hall

There are 2 suitable photo zones here. They are purely office-based and are well suited for simulating hectic business activities. There are also backgrounds in the same room. This is a plus. The hall is spacious, but the rest of the zones (e.g. fireplace and kitchen) are of little use for a business photo shoot.

4. Photo studio INLIGHT, LOFT hall

The main attraction of this hall is the presence of a huge bookcase with books. Height and width offhand 4 meters. Against the background of such a decoration, you can both take pictures and record video interview... The rest of the space of the Loft hall is not well suited for business photo sessions. Available: large bed, drum kit, flimsy dining table with the same chairs, large windows, swing. No backgrounds.

5. Photo studio GTST

Little publicized, but underrated, background studio. There are almost no interior areas here. But a lot of backgrounds and a good selection of studio lighting. If you need a minimalist photo shoot against a neutral background, this studio is well worth it.

6. Q-Studio

This studio has a strict interior with the necessary amount of furniture. Well suited for strict male photo shoots.

This is not an exhaustive list. In Kiev, according to various estimates, there are almost 200 photo studios... I brought here those locations that I can personally vouch for.

By the way, if you order photography from Olegas photo, it is possible to drive with studio lighting to the client's territory.

The date of writing is May 2020. The date is indicated deliberately, because over time the halls are modified, the studios are closed and opened. Nothing is eternal under the Moon.