Going on a trip - tips for girls

They may say that this is a man's world, but there is no reason why we ladies cannot conquer it. In fact, thousands of British women every year gather in nine to five people and go in search of wild parties, emerald shores and captivating cultures. But if it all seems a little intimidating, here are some tips on how to get started on your journey.

cover for clothesThe choices you make before you even leave the front door can really determine the success of your journey. One of the most important kit items to get it right is your the bag... Most serious travelers prefer a backpack to their regular luggage, because lugging a suitcase through everything but the shiny airport floor isn't really fun. When it comes to backpack selection, size definitely matters. Almost every traveler you will ever meet would like to buy a smaller bag.

For most women, trying to bring more than a 70-liter backpack with you when full will not only backfire, but it can also affect your trip. Trying to squeeze your life into a 50- or 60-liter bag may seem a little intimidating, but you'll be glad to lug it across the beach in the 40-degree heat. Look for a backpack specifically designed for women, especially if you have a smaller frame. Many backpacks now come with a convenient detachable backpack attached to the front; they are not only useful for day trips, but also as a storage space for easy access.

Backpacks with wheelshowever, are not only impractical in most situations, but add weight to the bag.
Think carefully about what you are taking with you; will you really need your Ugg boots, ski jacket and robe in Thailand? Remember that you can buy most of the essentials on the road if you are missing something, but do not forget the charger and adapter if you are carrying a cell phone or mp3 player, and a spare memory card if you are carrying a digital camera, just in case you can't get to your computer.

Chukhol for clothesPacking things in small bags can make finding things much easier, but stay away from noisy plastic unless you want enemies in your dorm rooms.

Of course, the most important thing before a trip is to plan it. Some travelers like to ride with the flow, while others like to book all hostels and travel by train before traveling. Whatever you want to do, make sure someone knows the route at home, which countries you plan to visit, and do a little research before you travel so you don't waste your entire trip headlong into a travel guide.

Remember, other travelers will likely have the same bag as you. Whether you're tying some colorful tape to a strap, sewing on some badges, or using a luggage tag, you need to make sure you can identify your backpack.

Safety first of all

It can be quite difficult to hop on a plane to the other side of the world, especially when our newspapers are full of horror stories from abroad. But remember that the vast majority of women return home completely unscathed, worrying about nothing but how they are going to afford their next trip. Some people prefer to enroll in self-defense courses to give them extra confidence, but even if you don't like it, there are some pretty simple things you can do to email your home tales of partying and finding inner peace without spending two days. at the British embassy and without knocking on the local police.

Flashing cash is a surefire way to get unwanted attention abroad. Don't be lethargic, muggings do happen, so keep your purse hidden. Cash belts are an easy way to hide valuables under your clothes, or if your budget isn't stretching too much, you can always tuck a few banknotes under a tubular bandage or even in a bra. Wearing high-profile jewelry won't do you any favors, but a fake engagement ring can prevent unwanted fans from emerging.

“If you think you’re in danger, turn on your personal alarm, shout loudly, or just convince the world that you are completely insane,” says Tom Griffiths, founder of Gapyear. “If you do find yourself in a robbery situation, having a fictitious wallet with a few old notes in it will make the attacker think you are giving them everything you have and save you the hassle of losing such important things , as:

  • bank cards,
  • Photo,
  • identity cards,
  • not to mention any money in your real wallet. "

Mingling with new people from all over the world is part of the appeal of travel, but no matter how close you are to someone, keep them in sight - you probably know very little about your new best friend, so keep yourself in control especially if you are drinking.

And don't let your guard down in the dorms. You may have the key to the hostel, but the option that 5000 others had this key before you is inevitable.

Why the iPhone 11 Pro is worth the money

Released last fall, the 11th iPhone series has become one of the major events in the mobile electronics industry. Three similar smartphones with an original camera, a cool processor and a minimalist design quickly made it to the top sales, and remain there to this day. In this article, we will talk about the "middle brother" in the line - iPhone 11 Pro, and explain why it is worth paying $ 1300 for it.

Seven cool advantages of a smartphone

  1. Stylish design. The austere aluminum body with a sheet of protective glass looks expensive and luxurious. It is not for nothing that iPhones are considered status gadgets that emphasize the wealth of their owner. Rounded corners, a large frameless display and a branded apple on the back - it's impossible to find fault with the design.

  2. Bright screen. The OLED display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 transmits the picture in Super Retina XDR quality. The image surprises with realism and saturation of hues, while maintaining natural colors thanks to the DCI-P3 profile. The diagonal of the screen is 5,8 inches - an average, convenient size.

  3. The original camera. The module of three "eyes" made a real sensation at the time of the presentation, and the unusual, but truly ingenious idea was instantly intercepted by competitors (although they are still far from Apple's quality). Wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle modules and a telephoto lens of 12 megapixels each are responsible for the creation of stunning vividness and clarity of photographs. Video is also noteworthy: videos are recorded at 4K resolution and at up to 60 fps.

  4. Powerful processor. The entire iPhone 11 lineup is powered by the revolutionary A13 Bionics chipset with third generation Neural Engine. The processor guarantees no lags or glitches, even in multitasking mode. The M13 graphics chipset helps you enjoy your favorite game or video without interference.

  5. High autonomy. Despite the powerful stuffing, the iPhone 11 Pro can withstand more than a day without recharging, even with active use. The secret lies in the energy efficiency of the processor, as well as in the capacious 3190 mAh battery. Implemented the possibility of fast and wireless charging.

  6. Reliable security system. Apple appliances are chosen for their thoughtful privacy policy. User information is stored in an iCloud account, which is easy to block if the phone falls into the wrong hands. Proprietary Face ID technology recognizes faces, so no one can unlock the screen except the owner.

  7. Flawless sound. Engineers of the American brand have finalized the Dolby Atmos internal speaker system. This blocks out ambient noise while talking on the phone and takes listening to music to a whole new level.

To summarize

The iPhone 11 Pro from Apple is a smartphone for which it is not a pity to give a round sum. Stylish, reliable, functional and thought out to the smallest detail, it will become a real friend to its owner for many years.

Where is it possible to quickly repair iPhone, iPad and other Apple equipment in Kiev

During its existence, the Cupertino giant Apple has released hundreds of different types of technology and gadgets. And the brand itself has long been perceived as a kind of quality mark. However, every owner of any Apple device may need a good service center.

Many people perceive the very word “repair” as a need to part with their favorite gadget for a long time, be it an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. Once upon a time, it really was like that - repairs had to be waited for days, weeks or even months. Therefore, many users preferred to sell the device for spare parts and buy a new one.

Fortunately, these times are long gone, as service centers such as iFix appeared in Kiev. The average repair time here is less than 30 minutes. Only in the most difficult situations, such as the failure of motherboard elements, repairs can take more than half an hour. At the same time, the quality of service is confirmed by an honest guarantee, which applies to parts and the work of the craftsmen.

apple repair

High speed and quality are due to several factors:

  • highly qualified specialists;
  • service centers are equipped with the latest technology;
  • in the process of repair, technological standards are observed, as well as the most modern technologies are used;
  • there are no days off and breaks in the work schedule;
  • own large warehouse of spare parts

It is possible to order an urgent repair, which is carried out immediately after the order.

Why repair of Apple equipment is worth ordering at iFix SC

High repair speed is not the only advantage that iFix SC. Among other advantages, it is also worth noting:

  • presence in more than ten districts of Kiev;
  • workshops are within walking distance from metro stations;
  • over the years of work, a huge number of positive reviews have been received and an impeccable reputation has been earned;
  • SC offers its customers a choice of original parts or more affordable, but high-quality replicas.

When ordering a repair, the diagnostics of the software and hardware of the smartphone is free of charge.

What repair of Apple equipment can be ordered at the iFix SC

SC iFix performs any type of repair, regardless of the level of complexity. The most common types of repairs:

  • glass replacement;
  • installation of a new display module;
  • repair of speakers and physical buttons;
  • power socket replacement, etc.

In addition, there is a team of specialists who troubleshoot any software-related problems. Therefore, you can contact the iFix SC with any breakdown, and at the same time have no doubt that it will be fixed in the shortest possible time.