Features of professional photography of interiors

The same room can be photographed in very different ways. Many aspects are discussed here:

  • for different equipment
  • with a different approach to the filming process
  • with different skill
  • with varying diligence.

Once the room has been captured, the photographs can be processed in very different ways.

That's about it "differently»I want to tell you further.

photography of a restaurant in Kiev

Let's start with the technique

canon r carcass bodyFor professional real estate photography, the camera should only have a full-size sensor. Any crop is a compromise that negatively affects image volume, color rendition and detail. If in other genres, such as weddings or reportage photography, somewhere you can allow the use of crop, then with interiors and architecture such a trick will not work. I am not attached to the brand now, this is secondary. In the first place is the size of the sensor.

As for the optics, it should also be of the highest level. Canon has this L series, other brands have their counterparts. Indoor surveying involves working with the geometry of enclosed spaces, where there are many lines that must remain straight. This is influenced by the quality of the optics and the straightness of the photographer's hands. Good lenses are expensive, straight arms are priceless.

Ability to shoot

Skills and skills come with experience. Give the technician into the hands of an inexperienced person and nothing good will come of it. At the same time, skills should be acquired in similar conditions and genre. But even let experienced event photographer into the interior, the result will not impress.

Approach to the filming process

Let's just say - the same apartment can be rented for 20 minutes, or 2 hours. At the same time, the photographer's working time does not correlate with the result. If a person has a lot of experience, he immediately knows what to rearrange and how to correctly make a good shot the first time. A person without experience can mess around for at least a day and not achieve a suitable result.

But that's not all. Let's take an experienced photographer who knows what's what. It can work with varying degrees of care. A photographer can take several equally good shots of the same room. The frames will be different in composition and perspective, which one to choose is a matter of taste.interior photography for a country house

And then the next question arises - will he do additional work and reshoot the same room several times? After all, you need to spend time and think on this. Or will he just limit himself to one standard angle and move on to the next room?

I thought a lot about this question. Should I bother? I came to the conclusion that - yes, it is worth it and I want to do everything to the maximum. Not at a minimum with a minimum price, but thinking, trying and squeezing everything that is possible from the premises. This requires much more effort than just shooting the duty angles to show the layout and volume of an apartment or office.

Lyrical digression about "bother"

For me, each new room is a puzzle where you need to find the right answers. You need to answer the questions, which angles will be the best, which focal lengths will be optimal (so as not to distort the space at a wide angle, but also leave the volume and make the photo interesting and versatile), what kind of light will be used, and so on. The bottom line is that the photographer sets the complexity of these tasks for himself.

office interior photography

For some time I worked according to the principle - to shoot quickly, with high quality and so that the client liked it. And the client loved it and it was fast. I'm so bored now. I have seen hundreds of interiors (without exaggeration) and I'm bored to shoot them just like that, on duty. What is the development in this? You can shoot inexpensively and quickly. Undemanding clients like wide angle and bright photos. The phone will definitely not take off and not all people with cameras will be able to take off like that. But if it is more difficult to set tasks for yourself, this is not all.

apartment studio photo interior

I know that most people will like it. And what will the most demanding customers like? What will I really like? Looking at some of my old photos, I think how easy it was to shoot. And I remove such shots from my portfolio, because I will not shoot like that now. I want to try and pay attention to all the little things that are possible. This pedantry gives me pleasure.

interior photography for designers

Separate mention are emphasis on details... Sometimes it is very appropriate to focus on a single object or group of objects to emphasize the design and atmosphere of the room. Such frames are useful as for designers and realtors... A non-standard photo on the ad splash screen attracts the attention of buyers / tenants. But such shots must be seen and, again, spend time on them, and not just shoot rooms at a wide angle from all sides.

These are just a couple of examples. You can tell more, but then the article will be endless.

By the way, I always take more photos than in a package so that the client can choose exactly those angles that he likes best. Billing is done by the piece.

Then we move on to processing

interior photography for a country houseA frequent request from customers sounds like “we need it soon, for tomorrow / the day after tomorrow”. Processing can also be approached with varying degrees of care, which affects time.

First, the original photos always look dark and a little crooked. Geometry and color correction is the first thing that starts it all. However, with simple filming, this is where it all ends. But again, this is not enough for me.

In any room there are differences in lighting and color. The most common example is that yellow lamps are burning in the corridor, and cold daylight is pouring from the window. In the original photo with a general plan, you will see the difference in both the light intensity and the color. In reality, in this example, all the walls are white, but due to differences in lighting, one part is yellow, the other is blue. This is a very typical situation in most rooms.

During the processing stage, both the light intensity and its temperature can be leveled. But it takes much more time and requires much more processing knowledge than just lighting a room. Will the photographer do this and is he capable of doing it at all? These are questions relevant to demanding customers. There is no need for this at the level of “just shoot to see”.

A separate topic in the processing is cosmetic repairs.

I will list the common defects that are best removed in a good way.

  • Even in new expensive interiors, there is often hack-work on the part of builders. The classic of the genre is the protruding wires under the lamps / lighting. There will be something here, but they haven't hung it yet.
  • The next typical situation is a tile on a balcony, smeared with mortar, which is not cleaned with anything.
  • Light bulbs with different color temperatures / missing bulbs;
  • The pendant lamp is not hanging at the level it should hang at;
  • Incorrectly selected color of furniture elements among themselves;
  • There are frames on the wall, but there is no photo in them;
  • There is no TV in the living room.

This list can be enumerated for a long time. All of the above can be corrected during processing. Only this is done not with a magic button "fix", but through many hours of sitting for retouching over each individual photograph. Should such work be paid separately? I think I should. This is not the fault and responsibility of the photographer, for him it is additional hours of painstaking and complex work. One of the last such shootings took me 7 hours to process 15 photos for a completely new apartment, where people just had to call in.

interior photography in kiev

About the cost of interior photography in Kiev and not only

I find myself shooting quite inexpensively for this level of accuracy, processing and the quality of the technique used. Therefore, the questions “give us a discountI answer - no, I won't. I want to try hard for every client. I don’t want to do anything.

The discount evokes an appropriate attitude towards work. I want to do QUALITY, and this implies an appropriate investment of time and effort on my part. If there is not one apartment, but there are 2-3 of them, this does not in any way reduce the volume of my work and the time that I will spend on leaving, filming and processing. If I sold sausage by the piece - yes, of course, you buy it in bulk, here's a discount for 3 pieces.

The cost of any shooting starts from minimum order.

Choosing a smartphone for all occasions

apple smartphonesTo communicate with loved ones online, it is recommended to choose a modern version of a cell phone in the form of a smartphone, with excellent increased power, stylish appearance and many useful functions. But choosing the right smartphone is not so easy, because you have to focus on:

  • processor,
  • screen,
  • battery
  • and the case.

Most new smartphones install 6-8 core processor with a clock frequency of at least 2.2 GHz, which allows such a technique to easily cope not only with many open applications, but also with the latest generations of mobile games. If you need a compact game console for the user, then you no longer need to buy it - you just need to buy an extremely powerful smartphone among. New Apple smartphones great for such tasks!

What about the screen?

If the model has a diagonal that will vary within 5-6.5 inches, then this is quite enough for daily needs. Versions with a small diagonal are quoted by users for the fact that they are unusually convenient to type SMS texts with one hand, but models with large screens, which are also called phablets, are convenient in terms of playing games and watching videos. Especially if you buy a special case with a plastic ring - in the latter case, the phone can be easily placed sideways on the table!

appleFinding the right amount of RAM

If the phone is needed not for games, but exclusively for conversations and communication in instant messengers, then a model with up to 1 GB of RAM will do, but everything changes if the user needs a phone for mobile games - useful RAM with a volume of at least 4 GB will affect ...

What about the camera?

In the latest smartphone models, 4 cameras are installed! But it is quite possible to choose a budget version of the smartphone "only" with two cameras with a resolution of about 12 megapixels. If the quality of photos suddenly does not suit you, then it is quite possible to buy a set of lenses for smartphones, easily put them on the body of the phone and get professional shots with apparent ease. After all, the more lenses, the higher the quality of the photo - this is clear to any fool.

Smartphone body

Glass cases are highly regarded in terms of aesthetics - they look beautiful and are often produced in a frameless design. Steel and aluminum housings are a priori appreciated for their increased strength and are able to withstand strong physical impacts with ease. The disadvantage of the latter is that if you constantly carry the phone in your pocket, then the paint from the body runs the risk of peeling off in a banal way. But such a problem can be easily solved by purchasing a profile cover made of plastic, fabric, bamboo or even silicone.

But versions with plastic cases are considered popular due to their good strength, zero thermal conductivity (the smartphone can be applied to the ear even in cold weather!) And the low price component. And the strength can be increased by purchasing any of the above-mentioned cover, while for screens it is customary to buy additional protective tempered glass.

Saving hot water: electric boiler for a family

Electric water heaters are an actual technique in the house, because they are less expensive than gas water heaters and are able to keep the water temperature for a certain time. Modern models differ in design, materials, characteristics and other parameters, which we will talk about and decide which electric boiler choose for the family.

Nuances affecting durability

An electric boiler is usually purchased for several years, because the equipment is expensive and does not change once a month. Pay attention to the following parameters when buying:

  1. Material. Tanks are made of stainless steel or metal, which is covered with a special protective anticorrosive layer. The special dusting does not allow the influence of water on the material.

  2. Mounting. Decide on the installation option for the device, they can be mounted vertically and horizontally on the floor or wall. The installation option directly depends on the dimensions of the device and the availability of space in the apartment.

  3. Volume. It is worth choosing an electric boiler by its displacement based on the number of users with hot water. For one person, 40 liters is enough, and for three perhaps 100 liters will not be enough.

  4. Power. The larger the volume of the heater, the higher it is. In such models, several TENs are usually installed for uniform heating of the container.

These are the main criteria for such devices, but there are still additional ones, they also play a role in the selection.

Design and functionality

Stylish, modern interiors require appropriate equipment. The appearance of trend boilers is very diverse. The lineup includes round, rectangular, square, flat and volumetric forms of water heating devices. The color scheme is mainly composed of white, cream and silver shades. Restrained tones are not striking and laconically emphasize the design of the room. For a family, it is worth choosing models with a volume of 100 liters or more, keep in mind that water is consumed not only for bathing, but also for washing by hand, washing dishes and cleaning.

Ease of use depends on the functionality, for example:

  • overheating protection - reduces the risk of fire;

  • accelerated heating - quick preparation of water for use;

  • work at 50% power - maintaining the temperature in an economical mode;

  • digital display - information about the boiler operation;

  • the presence of magnesium anodes - additional protection against corrosion.

All of these additional parameters affect the management of the equipment, its cost and durability.

The nuances of choice and advantages

Before buying, try to determine how much hot water each family member uses per day. Thus, you will find out the required power, volume and number of TEN.

Pay attention to the design and style of the apartment where the boiler will be installed. The main advantage of the device is independence from electricity, in the event of a power outage, the water will remain hot for at least half an hour, and you will have time to take a shower. A boiler is a more environmentally friendly heating method than using gas. By purchasing such a unit, you will not only provide the whole family with hot water, but also contribute to the preservation of the environment!