Features of the use of m830v

It has become popular these days to use digital equipment instead of traditional analog testers. Bulky pointer units were replaced by compact universal multimeters. They are comfortable, precise and versatile.

If we take into account the fact that the device has combined at least three devices at once (ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter), then the presence m830v in the home arsenal is quite justified.

Device info

The M830b is a multifunctional device that stands out among the entire range of models. He is able to measure the required parameters in the shortest possible time. Although the multimeter is not considered a professional device, it has received quite widespread use in the home.

The results obtained are shown in the form of numbers on the display. The unit is equipped with a capacious measuring scale. Equipped with probes. Unlike most models, it is capable of self-diagnostics.

The tester is powered by batteries. When they start to sit down, the device gives inaccurate data. During measurements, the numbers on the display begin to change randomly. You should always check the power supply before taking measurements so that the measurements you take will not let you down.

All elements and details are located on the front of the case, in the center is the main switch of modes and positions. Around it are placed symbols that are responsible for certain dimensions.

Despite the unprofessional nature of the device, the m830v multimeter has high sensitivity and gives fairly accurate results.

The device is designed for a current strength of no more than 10A at a maximum constant voltage of 1kV. While the AC voltage is measured in the range up to 750 V. The maximum resistance limit in measurements can reach 200 kOhm. The device is recommended to be used at a temperature of 0-40 degrees. The dimensions of the multimeter are compact 12x7x2 cm, and the weight is no more than 150 grams.


If we compare the m830v multimeter with more professional devices, then in this model the functions are slightly limited. But if we consider the device among household assistants, then the m830v significantly surpasses them. Present:

  • emergency indicator;
  • wide range of measurements;
  • diode tester;
  • and others.

The set of this model includes probes - insulated metal rods with a handle. They provide contact between the circuit and the device. The connector for them is selected based on the measurement parameters:

Catfish - common, intended for black wire for any parameter

The remaining two are intended for the red wire, VΩmA is used at a load of up to 200mA, over - 10ADC.

In any measuring work, safety precautions should be observed:

  1. Cannot be measured in places where there is moisture.
  2. You cannot switch modes during measurements.
  3. Do not exceed the values ​​of permissible measurements that can be mastered by the device.
  4. Damaged probes must not be used.

Observing operating rules and safety precautions, repair work will be more productive.

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How to choose headphones?

headphonesEvery user knows what it is headphones... However, few people guess how many types of headphones exist today.
After all, this seemingly uncomplicated device can be conditionally classified into wired and wireless, vacuum or earbuds, with or without attachment, stereo headphones and one-way, open and closed headphones, as well as a dozen more varieties with different characteristics of sound and comfort. If you decide to buy vacuum headphones, you should pay attention to certified products offered in stores with an impeccable business reputation, for example, here.

What do you need to know?

Speaking about acoustic design and sound quality, it is worth stopping your attention on open, half-open and closed headphones. If you want to buy inexpensive headphones for home listening to music, then you should get open headphones. And if you are a true professional working in a recording studio, then you will surely like high quality semi-open headphones and closed ones.

The main distinguishing feature of closed professional and studio headphones is that they fit very tightly to the ear and do not allow external noise to pass through. That is, noise and sound insulation in such headphones is maximum.

Why do it?

Closed headphones are convenient for those who need maximum concentration. In addition, such headphones are in great demand among people working in an atmosphere of constant noise.

How is the maximum isolation achieved in closed headphones? In this case, it is impossible not to draw your attention to the fact that the maximum noise and sound insulation in closed studio and professional headphones is achieved due to a tighter fit of the ear pads, which, in turn, is the result of greater pressure from the temples of closed headphones. When buying cheap closed-back headphones from unverified sellers, you only run the risk of getting a headache. After all, the bows of such headphones are made of cheap metal and plastic materials that either break quickly or do not provide the proper pressure. Finally, in the event of excessive pressure, such closed headphones can lead to rapid fatigue and headaches for the user.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the price of high quality headphones will never be too low. But such a purchase will serve you for many years, giving you joy, emotions and great sound.

How to choose the right smartphone?

In order to be in touch online, it is beneficial to have a powerful, functional and simply beautiful smartphone in your hand. But choosing such a device is considered a difficult task, since it is important to look first of all at the technical side, that is, paying attention to the processor, screen part and RAM.

Let's start with the processor

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra N985F BlackBudget versions of smartphones often have 2-4 cores, and each of them can develop power up to 1.3 GHz, which allows the phone to have a fairly high performance, especially if you need to open programs and applications sequentially. But if you need even more performance, then it is quite possible to choose a smartphone with 8 cores, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Black... And each of them can easily support a frequency of at least 2.2 GHz, which allows the user to open programs at the same time in a great variety and the phone will in no way be able to slow down. Especially if it will have RAM in the range of 1-4 GB.

The disadvantage of an overly powerful processor is the rapid drop in battery power. But if the latter has a capacity of up to 5 mAh, then the phone on a single charge will easily last for several days. But even versions with relatively weak (up to 200 mAh) batteries are also considered a good solution due to the low price component.

The screen is an important component of any smartphone

The screen part is also of great importance to many users. Most people try to choose phones with large (up to 6.7 inches) screens, which are quite convenient for watching videos or playing mobile versions of games. But typing in various messengers will have to be done with two hands, and sometimes, if you need to write a lot every day, it is better to choose a phone with a relatively small (up to 3.5 inches) screen, on which you can type text with one hand. If the screen also turns out to be correct, that is, to have an operating frequency of at least 90-120 Hz, then the user's eyes, even with frequent work with the smartphone, will not practically get tired. The main thing here is that the glass is durable. The best versions of the phones have Gorilla Glass, excellent for increased durability.

Low-end phones are often equipped with simple glasses that need to be protected with polymer films. As a last resort, you can also buy a protective cover made of wood, bamboo, silicone or plastic.

What about the camera?

Most modern models are equipped with quad cameras, which have a total resolution of at least 46 megapixels, which guarantees excellent image quality. But you can also choose budget models that have "only" up to two cameras, the resolution of which should not be less than 12 megapixels, and the front one must have a resolution of at least 3 megapixels. If the quality of the images still remains low, then they can be dramatically raised by using a detachable set of lenses, allowing you to get both wide-angle and macro photography.

What's with the body?

Cases for top-end phones can be made of steel or even aluminum - all this can significantly increase the strength of the entire device. But paint from steel or aluminum runs the risk of peeling off after a year of operation. In this case, there is only one solution - purchase of a plastic or rubber case, which will not only cover the edges of the phone, but also protect the device from strong shocks. But most of the phones in the budget category are also equipped with a plastic case, which is valuable not only for its cheapness and zero performance in terms of thermal conductivity, but also for moderate strength.