What does a model portfolio consist of?

Model portfolio consists of two parts: formal (mandatory) and informal (arbitrary). An obligatory part should be in any modeling portfolio.

Camera angles for the mandatory part of the photo portfolio: full face, profile, three-fourths turnover

Crop: close-up (head and neck), chest-length portrait, waist-length portrait, full-length portrait (general plan)

Apparel... We need photos in: tight leotard (light makeup), swimsuit, underwear, shorts with a short T-shirt, evening dress (evening makeup), sportswear, business clothes, jeans and T-shirt, raincoat / coat.

Shooting options for the informal part of the portfolio. In an arbitrary part, you can play out small scenes from life to show a person in his natural form. Such shooting may go beyond studio... For example, a model can talk to someone (there is only a model in the frame) and express certain emotions. The model can be at the workplace, on vacation, play sports (the goal is to show a person in motion), etc.
In addition to the main part of the portfolio, the model can implement some images:

Runway model, typical model (model for a certain, pronounced type), fitting model (model for clothing designers), real life model (you also need to be able to play an ordinary person in front of the camera), model for a catalog (the image contains typical features, a minimum of individuality) , ethnic (a model that has pronounced signs of a certain race / nationality), age (a model representing a specific age group), informal (non-standard image of a person - emo, punk, rocker, etc.)

Places for photo shoots in Kiev

List of popular venues photo sessions in nature within Kiev.

Andrew's Descent

This place is one of the most romantic and mystical architectural sights of Kiev. The reconstruction of Andreevsky Spusk did not in the least worsen the attractiveness of its surroundings. Andrew's descent retains its old appearance. This place never ceases to be a source of inspiration for romantic art photo shoots. Andreevsky descent leads from Vladimirskaya and Desyatinnaya streets down to Kontraktova square. Of interest is not only the street itself, but also the buildings along the street, art galleries, theaters, exhibitions and art workshops, cozy courtyards.
The place is suitable for wedding and portrait photo shoot, Love Story, glamorous photography

Central Botanical Garden named after Grishko (near Druzhby Narodov metro station)

Collections of lilacs, magnolias and roses have long been the hallmark of both the botanical garden and the city of Kiev as a whole. The Grishko Botanical Garden is the best place to shoot in harmony with nature, not far from the city center. In addition to lilacs, magnolias and roses, there are also unique collections of tropical and subtropical plants, located in greenhouses with a total area of ​​over 5 thousand square meters. One of the largest is the collection of tropical orchids. On the territory of the Botanical Garden is the Ionovsky Monastery, and near the lower entrance is the Vydubitsky Monastery.
The place is great for a wedding photo shoot, Love Story

Botanical Garden named after A. V. Fomin (near the metro station University)

This small park located in the city center is one of the most popular walking places in Kiev. The best time to shoot from April to June is when magnolias are blooming. It is worth noting that the Botanical Garden of Kiev University is characterized by a very diverse relief: there are both flat areas and slopes of different steepness and different directions, which allows the photographer to use a huge number of unexpected angles that favorably emphasize the natural surroundings.
The A. V. Fomin Botanical Garden is suitable for Love Story, photo sessions for girls, wedding photography.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

The territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Museum has a great number of historical architectural structures, ideal for the most demanding photographers. On the territory you can see many churches and temples, bell towers, towers, libraries, museums, chapels, printing houses, galleries. There are many trees here, giving this holy place a very picturesque look at any time of the year. The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is divided into two parts: the Lower and the Upper. Today, the Lower Lavra is partly under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), the Upper Lavra is partly under the jurisdiction of the National Kiev-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is well suited for: a wedding photo shoot and Love Story.

Mikhailovskaya Square and Sofievskaya Square

Mikhailovskaya and Sofievskaya squares are one of the oldest squares in Kiev. Mikhailovskaya Square was formed in the XII century before the entrance to the Mikhailovsky Golden-Domed Monastery. And on the site of Sophia Square, according to legend, Yaroslav the Wise defeated the Pechenegs in 1036. At that time, this square was a field near the city walls. Today the ancient temples of St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery are compactly located here. They delight with their spaciousness, restrained, but refined decoration. In the evening, when the lights are on, these places are especially fabulous to shoot.
Good places for photo walks and weddings.

Obolonskaya embankment

Obolonskaya embankment is one of the most romantic places for photo walks in Kiev with a total length of about 4 km. The central entrance is decorated with flower beds and planted with young evergreen trees. This place has long been chosen by newlyweds. Here, wedding photos are also really spectacular. And the evening and night scenery provides a gorgeous panorama of the city at night with sparkling lanterns and a long coastline that adds a sophisticated perspective and dimension to the pictures.
Obolonskaya embankment is suitable for wedding photography and Love Story.


Expocentre of Ukraine is the main reserve of the Soviet Baroque style in Ukraine. Today it is an amazing place, inherited by Kiev since the times of the USSR, and a unique architectural complex and exhibition center, and a green recreation area. There are 180 buildings and structures on the territory of VDNKh. 20 of them have the status of historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine. What is important for photography, the harmony of the recreational area is complemented by numerous landscape alleys, picturesque lakes, fountains, restaurants and cafes, barbecue towns and even a camping. Photo sessions are often held here against the backdrop of rich and embossed sculptural images of the Soviet era. These are numerous colonnades, entwined with ornaments with gifts from collective farm fields, bas-reliefs on agrarian and industrial themes, a magnificent fountain decorated with corn and sunflowers.
The primary style of the pavilions, all Soviet symbols and bas-reliefs have hardly changed. The best examples of Soviet buildings have fully preserved their authentic appearance.
VDNKh is great for wedding photo shoots, Love Story and photo shoots for girls.

Pirogovo Museum

It is pleasant to take pictures in the open-air Pirogovo Museum at any time of the year. Even if the weather conditions are not very conducive to shooting, you can always find beautiful angles here. A remarkable feature of the Pirogovo Museum is that there is a huge and very picturesque area. There are more than 200 authentic buildings on the territory of the museum, symbolizing various regions in certain historical periods (XVII-XX centuries). Another distinctive feature of the Pirogovo Museum is various theatrical performances, festivities during folk holidays. On the territory of Pirogovo you can often meet people in national costumes, engaged in various crafts of that time - weavers, clay makers and others.
Pirogovo Museum is suitable for: Love Story and photo shoots for girls, portfolios, shooting reports

Mamaeva Sloboda

Another wonderful museum of Ukrainian architecture and life is the Cossack village of Mamaev Sloboda. It is located relatively close to the center of Kiev, and its territory is very convenient for photography. Various ancient buildings and architectural objects are very compactly located here: houses of the Cossacks, a wooden church, a shinok, Cossack cannons, a pottery, a forge, a wooden mill, a water mill, a beautiful pond, an apiary; there are also pets on the territory.
Compared to Pirogovo, there is much more greenery and trees. This creates an atmosphere of coziness and the feeling that you are in a real old Ukrainian village.
Mamaeva Sloboda is suitable for: wedding photo shoots, outdoor photo shoots, Love Story and portrait photography.

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How to prepare for a photo shoot? Clothes and makeup.

As a rule, people always think about how to look better in the photo. But photography has a ton of nuances. And not only purely technical ones. For example, are you sure you know how to dress properly for a photo shoot? And how to do makeup so that it looks great in the photo?

When choosing clothes for photography, remember that it should emphasize your beauty, and not draw all the attention to yourself. It follows from this that you should not choose too flashy, bright colors with a catchy pattern. On black clothing, halftones are usually not visible. In addition, in the evening and at night, dark clothes are taboo for shooting. In it, you simply merge with the night landscape. On white clothes, halftones are also not visible, and light beige will merge with the skin. Green is also considered unsuccessful for photography: it can give the skin an unpleasant tint.
Please note: purple and black colors can visually add several years to your photo.

Makeup is just as important to photography as clothing. So that the face in the photo looks great - pay attention to the advice of makeup artists.

1. Eyes are the main thing when making up for photoshoot... The makeup in the photo will look weaker than it actually is. Therefore, the upper eyelashes must be painted thicker. But don't overdo the bottom ones. This can lead to the appearance of under-eye circles. The eyes should be emphasized with a pencil, shading it properly.

2... You cannot do without powder. It is desirable that the powder has a matting effect. Even if the skin is not oily, it can happen that it will shine in the photo. It's better to play it safe and powder your face a little before shooting.

3. Light matte lipstick looks perfect in photos. To make the lips more seductive, lightly apply gloss to the middle of the lower lip (but don't overdo it, this can create unnecessary highlights on the lips).

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