The scooter smokes: how to find and fix the problem

If you notice that your scooter is smoking like a steam locomotive, you can buy a reliable scooter from another manufacturer or repair the old one. Technics cannot stop smoking, because in any case, the engine burns fuel. And residues and combustion products are discharged outside through the exhaust pipe. But if a malfunction occurs inside the device, the color of the exhaust can "tell" where to look for the root cause and what to repair first.

Scooter device in general

As you know, the traction force of a scooter is the internal combustion engine - an internal combustion engine. For its operation, a uniform supply of the fuel mixture and periodic sparks are required. The fuel in the carburetor is mixed with a certain amount of oxygen, and then sucked into the engine cylinders, where it is compressed using pistons. When the mixture ignites, the pistons are pushed out and propelled the crankshaft. The combustion products or exhaust gases are discharged through the exhaust valve in the piston into the gas distribution system, and then through the exhaust pipe to the outside.

If something in this sequence does not go according to plan, it affects the quality and quantity of exhaust gases. And the scooter starts to smoke. And it also affects the work of the engine itself. Therefore, it is not worth ignoring the puffs of black or bluish smoke from the scooter, this may precede serious damage to the unit. And require a significant investment in repairs.

The scooter started to smoke: what to do?

The first thing that the owners of all scooters, without exception, sin on is the quality of the fuel mixture. Unfortunately, not all gas stations sell really high-quality gasoline, so you need to refuel your vehicle from reliable sellers who value their reputation.

If you are sure that you have poured normal fuel into the tank, and the scooter is smoking a lot, we continue to look for the reason:

● we check all elements of the fuel system - pipes, hoses, rings, caps;
● we clean the filter that allows air to pass through;
● make sure that the vent hole in the carburetor is free and allows enough oxygen to flow into the fuel mixture;
● check if there is any plastic shavings in the carburetor (especially in brand new Chinese scooters) and other debris that acts like a cork.

If the scooter smokes and stalls, you should pay attention to the GDS and exhaust valves. Perhaps. somewhere there is wear of parts or deformation that affects the combustion of fuel and the output of mining.

If a scooter with a 2-stroke engine smokes:

● we look into the crankcase and the muffler, perhaps a large amount of oil accumulates there, which simply does not burn;
● check the oil pump and oil level, remove excess;
● inspect the piston for wear.

It happens that the scooter runs on an excessively enriched fuel mixture and therefore smokes. If you have carried out diagnostics and have not found any problems, you can safely ride, leaving behind a smoky trail.

Why does a 4-stroke scooter smoke? The vehicle owner may have such a question if:

● too rich mixture is supplied to the engine;
● there is a defect in the oil scraper rings;
● the oil is not suitable for the unit - too viscous or too liquid, mineral water instead of synthetics;
● exhaust valve oil seals are worn out;
● there is a breakdown on the cylinder head gasket.

It is worth looking for the root cause in the carburetor if the scooter smokes black smoke. If the exhaust is blue, then the problem is in the lubricant. Most likely, large quantities of oil enters the combustion chamber and simply does not have time to burn. And if the scooter smokes with white smoke, this may be a completely normal situation, or it may indicate that an excess of liquid has entered the carburetor.

To prevent this from happening, contact a specialized scooter store, whose consultants will help you choose reliable and durable equipment.

What kinds of wristwatches are there?

Many men and women love comfort and convenience. This applies not only to different areas of life, but also to accessories. The watch is no exception. The device is not only a decoration, an indicator of status. But also a multifunctional accessory that allows you to be always in touch, to monitor your health.

Choose Wrist Watch can be in the online store. It is convenient to get acquainted with the assortment online. Explore each model in more detail, read reviews. It is worth choosing an accessory not only in appearance, but also in its functional purpose.

Types of wristwatches

Modern technologies have made it possible to look at watches from a different angle. The developers presented the accessory in a completely different sense. Today the device can be divided into two large groups:

  • Smart watch. They synchronize with the phone, duplicate the information of the gadget, allow you to monitor your health during physical activity, you can answer calls, take photos, etc.
  • Standard hours. They play the role of decoration. They have an interesting design that suits different styles. They can be mechanical and digital. The first option is durable. They work for years without failures and damages.

A separate item is fitness bracelets. The device is highly directional. The mechanism is aimed at tracking the number of calories, heart rate, sleep quality, etc.

Smartwatches are a real breakthrough. This is a unique device that can be either an addition to the phone or a separate gadget. Models support a SIM card. From them you can call, send messages, take photos and even download applications. Such watches are often purchased for children. They are always at hand, it is difficult to lose them. The strap is securely fixed on the hand. In addition, parents can track their child's whereabouts. All clocks have a built-in beacon. There is an emergency call function. Each parent can listen to their child at any time.

How to choose a wristwatch?

The choice directly depends on the owner. Male models are more restrained, made in soothing colors. They are distinguished by an unusual dial. Mechanical movements can contain many mechanisms, which gives the watch its solidity. Women's, on the contrary, delicate with different inserts and decorative elements. Can be completed with rhinestones, bright pictures. The straps, as a rule, in women's models are bright. Men, on the contrary, in dark colors. As for fitness bracelets, they can be bright for both men and women. The strap can be changed according to your mood.

Smart models are more suitable for those who value practicality, for whom it is important to constantly stay in touch. You can receive calls, answer messages even during training. Additional features make them even more attractive to buyers.

Getting ready for the birth of a child. What things need to be taken care of in advance?

For some reason, it has long been believed that you cannot buy anything for a child before his birth. However, just before the baby is born, parents should still discard superstitions and prepare in advance so that everything they need is collected by 33 - 36 weeks of pregnancy. After packing what the mother needs in the maternity hospital, take care of the baby's clothes.

human for a newborn

The general list is as follows:

  • disposable diapers,
  • undershirts (children's size for height 56-62 cm),
  • knitted overalls or blouse with romper,
  • hat and cap,
  • socks,
  • an envelope for an extract for a newborn or little men for newborns,
  • as well as diapers - chintz and flannel.

All items should be washed using baby powder in a gentle way. This is important, since textiles, going through many processing operations, may contain minor accidental contamination at the output, which is safe for an adult, but highly undesirable for contact with baby's skin.

Please be aware that maternity hospitals may have differences in requirements, conditions and policies, which should be known in advance. Otherwise, dad will have to run at the last moment, looking for what a particular institution will agree to accept for the baby. Everything should be folded into a separate, necessarily convenient and durable bag, so that your washing and ironing efforts do not go to waste due to bursting polyethylene or torn off handles.

  1. It is important not to forget about the category 0+ child car seat (from birth). It is arranged like a cradle and is very comfortable for a child. Take care of the possibility of fixing a dressed baby when traveling in a car.
  2. When preparing things for a child, of course, you need to take into account the time of year when he will be born. An envelope for an extract for a newborn or its alternative - a transformer overalls - should provide the baby with thermal comfort. For summer, this can be a light set, but warm days fly by quickly, and you need to think about a warmed demi-season version, and in autumn - about a warm winter one. It will not be superfluous to insure yourself, because it is not known exactly what kind of surprise the weather will prepare for us at the most crucial moment, especially since this acquisition will be very useful in the future.
  3. Walking with the child and regular visits to the clinic will be more pleasant for mom and dad if dressing and undressing the baby will be faster and easier. It seems that there is nothing difficult in this, in fact, an ill-conceived children's wardrobe can cause a lot of difficulties.
  4. A discharge envelope for a newborn is much more convenient and practical than traditional blankets that need to be tied with a ribbon.

The kit, depending on the brand, may include a hat, blanket, pillow and a thick mattress to help keep the tiny creature in the right position when worn on your hands. The kit can be used as an envelope, blanket or bedding. Transformer jumpsuit (also called little man for newborns) allows even more variations and combinations. Both products are very easy to use, and modern materials and design make them smart, sturdy and stylish.