How to choose the right internet provider?

Can you imagine life today without access to the global network? Connecting to the internet has become as commonplace as water or electricity. Interestingly, despite the developed infrastructure, there are still places where it is difficult to get a good connection. In addition, the long term of the contracts makes it impossible to quickly and frequently change suppliers. This is why finding a good supplier is important.


What are the possibilities?

First you need to look at the local ISP market. Better to ask the neighbors. What services do they use, do they know about the offers of competitors. In apartment buildings, you can find junction boxes of a specific provider Kiev... In the case of private homes, it may be tempting to look around for the same switches, although they will be more difficult to find. Many suppliers run cables through poles and the switchgear is buried underground.

Another way is to search for offers on the Internet. On the websites of providers, we often find a form in which we can check if a connection is possible at our address.

Which supplier is the best?

Leading service providers have a very extensive infrastructure, but due to the large number of recipients, administration and maintenance of such a network is not easy. Such an operator is not always able to provide a high level of service. Telecommunications jobs are truly thankless.

The situation with regional suppliers is slightly better. They operate in smaller areas, have "closer contact" with customers, and are able to deliver more reliable services. The network infrastructure can also be well developed.

Internet connection parameters

The parameters determine which supplier to choose. To begin with, let's take only those that are strictly related to the Internet connection, and in the next section, we will consider contracts and technical issues.

Connection speed

Everyone has heard about the conditions of the inbound and outbound speed. These are the two main parameters that determine internet speed. The first determines how quickly we can upload information, and the second determines how quickly we can send it. For standard users, downloading is of utmost importance as we, as recipients of content, primarily download data, not send it. When we want to open a site, we send only a tiny text to ask about the Internet resource of interest to us, and the server sends us ready-made files.

Who is loading important for? For people who upload large amounts of data to the web. Most often they are streamers and youtubers - people who work with video materials.

Optimum speed

So how fast should the internet be today? You will need at least 10 Mbps to view regular web pages. Worse with multimedia. Netflix currently recommends that you need at least 5 Mbps to watch HD content, and 25 Mbps for FullHD (the most popular resolution). The easiest way to check your internet speed is by using popular "tests".

Games require fast connectivity due to digital distribution and the amount of updates that developers feed players. Current titles and their updates can weigh several tens, if not hundreds, of GB.


Megabits vs megabytes

If your tariff has a speed of 25 Mbps, and the video you want to download weighs 800 Mb, this does not mean that it will be downloaded in 32 seconds. Pay particular attention to the size of the letter B. The connection speed is in megabits per second and the file size is in megabytes. According to the rules of the binary system, 1 byte consists of 8 bits. So if you have a 25 Mbps plan, you actually have 3 Mbps.

Public IP address

A public IP address is required to set up a server that provides some services (website, multiplayer game server). Having a simple (personal) IP address, we are invisible on the Internet, and therefore other Internet users cannot connect to us directly. For home use, this option is completely unnecessary.

Monthly data limit

This setting only applies to mobile internet offerings from mobile operators. You can find more detailed information on the selection of mobile Internet offers on the net.


Subscription agreement and connection

Connection cost - simply put, the owners of private houses are not in the best position here. No ISP connects your home to the network for free. The cost of such a procedure is high, which is disadvantageous for the supplier.

In the case of apartment buildings, the situation is the opposite. Suppliers will be happy to bring their communications there, because later, with a slight expansion of the infrastructure inside the building, they can easily connect several dozen apartments, which will quickly recoup the investment.

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How to carry out pre-sale preparation of an apartment correctly?

It often happens that one apartment is located by its buyer in just a few days, while another, seemingly practically the same, is sold for months.

First, you need to find a good website for sale of apartmentswhere you will place your ad for the sale. Until buyers find out about you, and there is nothing to talk about. But this is just for the beginning.

It is not enough just to submit an ad - the apartment must also be properly prepared for demonstrations so that a potential buyer would like it at first sight. What should be done?


The first thing that needs to be done in order to quickly sell an apartment is to prepare the entire package of documents and remove all tenants from registration. The fact is that many buyers, even if they like the apartment and agree with the price, leave when they find out that they still need to wait for the preparation of documents or that the apartment has prescribed documents. Therefore, in order not to lose interested buyers, you need to start with the documents.

Apartment renovation

It makes no sense to carry out expensive repairs in the apartment being sold, since the costs will not pay off anyway. But it is still necessary to bring the living space into a marketable condition by making inexpensive cosmetics.

Even if the buyer is looking for a small one-room apartment, he would like it to be spacious and bright. Therefore, you should re-glue the wallpaper - let it be simple, cheap, but light in color and without an intrusive pattern. The ceilings need to be whitewashed, refreshed, if necessary, paint on the doors and floor.

If the bathroom has rusty, dripping taps, they should definitely be replaced. Many sellers are cunning and do inexpensive bathtub refurbishments to make it look like new. Each buyer will definitely pay attention to the condition of the plumbing.

Cleanliness and comfort

Before the actual demonstration, the apartment should be wet cleaned. The house should be clean and tidy. It is impossible for the buyer to see scattered personal belongings, shoe heaps in the hallway, trash on the balcony, as is often the case.

As for furniture, if possible, it is better to take out all unnecessary furnishings, which only clutters up the aisles and takes away precious space. It is necessary to leave the minimum so that the apartment looks habitable and comfortable, and at the same time spacious.

Entrance condition

Demonstration of an apartment to potential buyers begins with their inspection of the entrance. The dirt on the staircase, the spat on the elevator and the cigarette butts eloquently tell what kind of people you will have to live with in the neighborhood.

It is imperative to wash your floor and the elevator, screw in bright bulbs in the entrance. The front door must be perfectly clean.


It is advisable to meet the buyer at the bus stop and take the most beautiful road to your home. With a person, you need to be polite and friendly. It is better to send small children and pets for a walk while visiting the apartment.

8 questions for a wedding photographer

During searches wedding photographer in Kiev you need to understand in advance what questions to ask him. Here are the main points that need to be discussed in order to finally decide on the choice:

1) How long will it take to process the photos and how soon will you get them in your hands?

Don't be intimidated if the photos are ready in a month or two. It takes time for careful processing and printing. We do not recommend that you contact photographers who promise to send you processed photos in a day, but we also recommend that you communicate with former clients and find out the real time frame for the work.

2) Does the photographer have an assistant?

The presence of an assistant will be an additional plus. Be sure to check if the assistant's work should be paid additionally.

3) Is there any spare equipment available?

The technique can fail at any time and it is better to give preference to a professional who has backup equipment in case of unforeseen circumstances.

4) How long is a photographer's working day?

Do not be afraid to ask if the photographer is ready to work more, if necessary, and what additional payment he will take for this. Also find out at what time he can arrive and start filming.

5) How will the payment proceed?

Agree on the transfer of money in advance so that this issue does not bother you on your wedding day.

6) Is it possible to order a photo book?

The photobook is usually paid separately. Discuss design details and photo selection.

7) How long will it take for staged photos? Does the photographer have a list of locations or can these photos be taken anywhere?

Finding places for photos is an important step and it is better to devote some time to it.

8) Can the photographer recommend other professionals?

This concerns wedding presenter, videographer, DJ, stylist, makeup artist, etc. If a person has been in the profession for a long time, then he definitely has people whom he can safely recommend.

Also, in addition to photography, it is recommended to order and video filming.