Hyaluronic acid: what is it and what is it for?

hyaluronic acid (HA) is an integral part of most anti-aging creams. Thanks to it, the skin ceases to be dry, the number of wrinkles is noticeably reduced. It is also actively used in such a procedure as hair mesotherapy at the Gold laser clinic.

What is hyaluronic acid for?

  1. hair mesotherapy It transports fluid throughout the body, delivering it to every cell. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that hyaluronic acid "does not offend" anyone - those who are thirsty, it immediately supplies the necessary amount of fluid, and those parts of the body where there is enough water - will leave alone until they require another portion of fluid.
  2. Remarkably retains fluid in the intercellular space, due to which the tissue regains its original shape after compression, for example, after wearing a tight-fitting belt.
  3. It is a reliable protector of joints and eyes. With a deficiency, people begin to develop arthritis. For the eyes, hyaluronic acid supports intraocular pressure and overall eye health.
  4. Thanks to her, the skin shines with health. Deficiency causes the appearance of wrinkles, the complexion becomes earthy, the skin ceases to resist external adverse influences.

Hyaluronic acid is produced by fibroblast cells. Unfortunately, with age, its functions are impaired, as a result of which the amount of HA is significantly reduced. This leads to dry skin and wrinkles. But the main enemy for fibroblasts is intense ultraviolet radiation. If, after sunbathing, a person is burned, then the production of HA stops for a long time. Therefore, when sunbathing, know when to stop.

As already mentioned, hyaluronic acid is included in many creams, as well as various lotions and shampoos. Their use moisturizes the skin well. The great thing is that overdose is almost impossible. But even in spite of this, before deciding to buy cosmetics with a high content of this active substance, you should consult a dermatologist. In any case, it will not hurt you to know about the percentage of this acid in cream, shampoos and other types of cosmetics for various purposes:

  • Cosmetics intended for daily skin and hair care should contain HA from 0,005 to 0,1%.
  • Cosmetics used as sunscreen - 0,1 to 1%.
  • Means for professional care - from 0,1 to 5%.

But perhaps the most effective and fast-acting remedy is the injection of HA under the skin or into a muscle. In this case, the skin is smoothed much faster than the simple use of cosmetics. Swelling and redness may appear at the injection sites, but there is no need to worry about this, since these defects are temporary.

What should you upgrade in the first place on your computer?

The computer industry is also developing very rapidly during the period of widespread adoption of technology. Every few months, manufacturers announce the premiere of new components such as graphics cards, processors or hard drives with large capacities and high write speeds. As a result, the computer becomes obsolete after 2-3 years, which imposes restrictions on the use of new games or graphics programs.

With commercially available components, existing hardware can be easily upgraded. Below you will find out how to update your old computer and what parts can be replaced on it first.

Think about what you most often use your computer for.

Replacing components in an old computer should be planned for future use. This does not mean that if you used the device for office or homework before, then now you cannot adapt it for games or graphic design. But a gaming computer or a graphics computer in one way or another requires the installation of expensive and modern video cards and efficient processors.

Video card

trx 3070 video cardIt will be right to start the upgrade precisely with buy a video card.

The video card is one of the most important parts of a computer. Its specificity is that on some PCs it just has to be able to display an image on a monitor, while on others it requires very good parameters. This computer module is one of the most diverse in terms of price. Therefore, replacing a video card in a computer requires careful consideration from the point of view of the user's needs and the legality of choosing this model.

Players who are passionate about using the latest AAA products will surely benefit from the best cards from the top shelf. A good grade graphics card is also essential for a professional graphic designer doing 3D design or modeling. Also, good maps are in demand among photographers.

Set a budget that you can spend on improving your computer.

The first step before trying to modify your PC's hardware is to analyze your own financial capabilities. Components available on the market differ in quality, parameters and, of course, price, which is of great importance when choosing the right solution. It is worth considering that not every old computer requires the installation of the latest video card, especially if it will not be used, for example, for graphic design.

If you are looking to modify your computer for office use, consider a quiet SSD without the need for high-performance processors. The more cores they have, the more intensively they need to be cooled, and this affects the level of generated noise and the amount of energy consumed. If you are wondering how to improve your old computer, determine your financial capabilities. At the next stage, you will be able to choose such components, the purchase of which will fit in this amount.

What should you replace in your computer for better performance?

The possibilities for reorganizing a computer are enormous, which is certainly evidenced by the fact that instead of buying a whole unit, you can assemble it from individual components yourself. This, in turn, means that all parts, from the motherboard and processor to the signal strips, are removable. However, not all of them deserve replacement, or they do not always need to be replaced. The choice of a suitable kit depends on the age of the computer, the intended use and the aforementioned financial capabilities.

HDD to SSD hard drive.

ssdFor years, computer users have only used HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and their only choice was their capacity. In this regard, many changes were made, because even 20 years ago, home PCs worked with 500 MB disks. Nowadays, they not only allow you to write data in terabytes, and a new technology SSD (Solid State Drive) has long been around. Replacing a laptop disk with an SSD greatly increases the performance of the device.

Unlike its predecessors, such a disk contains no moving parts, and about a dozen NAND dice placed inside it significantly speed up the forward write / read speed of data. It is also recommended to install the SSD in a laptop when the device is frequently used on travel or in places away from a stationary desk or table top. The newer models are more shock and vibration resistant and are definitely quieter. The latter feature makes them noteworthy also in office computers.

RAM and processor.

ryzen 9RAM and processor are the components that determine the processing power of a computer and its ability to simultaneously process even very large data packets. Replacing the RAM allows you to increase the ability to work with such files, therefore, it is recommended when programming the device. Gamers should also consider more RAM with high clock speeds and an efficient multi-core processor. Fast execution of operations is the basis for them to reach a new level of modern production.

It seems easy to add RAM, as it only requires inserting a new card into the appropriate slot. It is worth remembering, however, that this is not a motherboard that only supports a certain bone standard and may not have free slots on its surface. Therefore, before replacing, check what the upgrade options are. The same goes for replacing the processor. When buying a more powerful model, you need to choose it for the type of motherboard.

Computer upgrade Is an easy way to extend its service life and adapt its technical parameters to the growing needs of the user. As your PC grows with you from a teaching device to a computer for work, design or play, a simple PC upgrade will allow you to expand the capabilities of your PC. The selection and replacement of components is relatively simple, but if you do not know how to do this or want to be sure that the changes will be carried out in the right direction, use the help of specialists.

How real estate photos are processed

I want to show with a specific example how processing takes place real estate photos  and what it gives. Some people believe that high-quality photography is solely the result of using expensive technology. But it is not so. Technique alone does not make beautiful photographs. It opens up opportunities for a specialist to create a beautiful image, but the camera itself does not provide a good result.

Processing required material... It determines by 80-90 percent what the client will see in the end.

Common problems when photographing real estate are complex lighting that interferes with the perception of the subject and unnecessary details in the frame. In the photo above, I deleted the house under construction behind the building being photographed, removed the power line above the fence, and even out the color of the walls of the house. This job is more difficult than basic color correction. The problem with this photo in the source is that the house looks blue (due to the shadow it is in). But with the help of careful processing, you can restore the natural color from almost any condition.

The only question is how much work and time it will take. It took about 1 hour to process this photo.... Now you can calculate how long this processing will take if there are 10, 20 or more photos.

photo of real estate in kiev

I do not focus on such trifles as removing the air conditioner pipe from the facade or cleaning the leaves on the lawn, because this is insignificant compared to removing the neighboring house and whitewashing the walls.

Of course, you can choose another time for shooting, when this part of the house will be illuminated by the sun ... but in that case, we will have a problem with the opposite side. You can shoot when the whole house is in the shade, but then the photo will look flat and we will not get the landscape elaboration. The essence of a specialist's work is to cope with a task under any conditions. And the conditions are very different. For example, when it is necessary to shoot an object at a certain time, but at another it is no longer possible (for one reason or another).

Other photos of this object:


A bit about the architectural background in generaltographies

There are two tasks of professional real estate photography

  • show the object as it is;
  • make it even better than it is.
  1. For the correct display of the house, it is necessary to photograph it exactly. For this, a professional technique is used with a minimum of geometric distortion. If there are distortions, they are corrected in the editor. After shooting, you need to correct the color of the photo. Photos straight from the camera are never perfect. Color correction is required 100% of the time.
  2. In order to transform the subject and make it even better, photographers resort to various tricks. During the shooting, special angles are selected, the photo is taken with specialized lenses. But this is not enough either. Sometimes such photographs are simply painted over the original, as can be seen above. In my practice there were cases when I made summer photos from winter photos (removed the snow, added grass).

In general, modern technology offers great opportunities for filming and editing material. But there is no “make it beautiful” button. Maybe in the future, computers will be able to use machine learning to understand what the customer wants and immediately take beautiful photos, where the unnecessary is removed and the necessary is added. But at the moment this is all done by the hands of a photographer and a retoucher. And this process is laborious and time-consuming. However, almost anything is already possible.

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