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Choosing a good host is sometimes no easier than finding a good photographer. In this article, I want to make this task easier. I am like photographer и videographer, I often encounter presenters at various events. I would like to recommend you people whose work I have seen and for whom I can guarantee that they will host your event (be it a wedding, corporate party, graduation or other event) at a decent level so that everyone is happy.

I draw your attention - there is no first and last place. I can equally recommend the good hosts from the list below.

An energetic host who adores his job and does everything possible and impossible to make all guests feel comfortable. A modern approach - no one is forced to participate in incomprehensible contests, only pleasant entertainment and a cozy, driving atmosphere at your holiday.

“I DO NOT CARE how your event will go. My main goal is to give people EMOTION and make their life brighter. I am engaged in acting, I study at the oratory club, I am a graduate of the school of TV presenters. I read books, communicate with different people, and learn a lot of new things - to have something to share with you ?«


presenter Artyom Klassen

He has successfully held over 150 weddings, 100 corporate and themed parties, teambuildings and other events. I regularly attend courses and master classes to improve my skills. This allows me to always be aware of new ideas and original solutions.

In 2019, he took a course "Linear broadcast presenter" at the Lux FM school, where he learned the intricacies of this hard work and fell in love with radio completely. In December of the same year, he was hired as the host of the morning show on Ukie radio.

At the moment, I also work as a radio host, which helps me develop deeper.


wedding host Evgeny Zharkov

Leading entertainment events: wedding ceremonies, weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries, etc.

Singer: I sing both solo and in the duet "Crystal" with a saxophone.


Host Taisa Paustovskaya
A young, creative, bright presenter, is able to create a memorable event even from the most modest holiday.
There is no doubt that a talented host will take care of your event. A creative approach combined with professionalism will not make you or your guests worry that something will go wrong at the event.


presenter Dmitry Kulagin

Professional improvisational approach to work. Your wishes will certainly be taken into account and included in the scenario plan. As a result, you get exactly the holiday you dreamed about. The wedding where Sergey worked.


presenter Sergey Rozvanov

Each celebration is new for me, but not because it is the next, but because I will make your event a truly individual NEW holiday

5000 Satisfied customers, 350 Events, Weddings, Corporate Events, 80% Sense of Humor, 2% Perseverance, Baggage of knowledge - 10 years
presenter Alexander Bovshik

All important decisions in life come down to one moment. My task is to make this moment unforgettable.

presenter Alexander the Great

I will add from myself, vulgar contests and jokes below the belt have long been in the past. In any case, such toastmasters are extremely rare in Kiev. But there is a demand for a subtle sense of humor, unobtrusive management of the event and a tactful attitude towards everyone present. The people on this list are fine with that.

By the way, I was personally glad to suddenly find myself in rating of the best photographers in Kiev.

Black and white screen on iPhone: how to do it and why you need it?

Not so long ago, an era began when it is quite difficult to imagine a phone with a black and white display. Such "lagging" technologies are still used only in very simplified models with large buttons, which are often bought for elderly relatives. However, this technology is available on a completely modern and, perhaps, quite reliable smartphone - iPhone... To what extent users need it and how to activate this function, it is worth telling in more detail. By the way, Apple Service Center in Odessa AppleLab - https://apple-lab.com.ua/odessa/- can help with the activation of such seemingly unusual functionality.

iphone bw

Why do it?

Now it's worth figuring out why such a function is needed, and whether it will be useful to the user.

Apple, despite the high cost of devices relative to Chinese competitors, has always stood for healthy competition. Contrary to expectations, the management expressed the position that a gadget for a person is a tool that can be used. At the same time, the distribution of forces should not be allowed to change, and all attention was paid exclusively to the electronic device. For this reason, the dependence of the younger generation on smartphones and set-top boxes has become one of the problems that the brand is struggling with.
As psychologists assure, the transition to black and white color rendition will make the process of weaning from the screen easier. Bright colors serve to attract attention, while the gray scale makes you quickly distract from the variety of natural colors around, in the real world.

Therefore, if the user feels that he spends too much time with the smartphone, you can activate the function to distract attention. By the way, you can check the real numbers of hours and minutes during which a person was online using another Apple innovation that controls such processes. Apple service center specialists have long been aware of such nuances.

bw iphone

How to activate?

If it seems that creating black and white colors on the screen of a modern gadget is impossible, you should follow a simple sequence of actions:

  • First you need to go to the device settings section.
  • Next, select the Universal Access section.
  • Then you will need to select the item dedicated to display and text size.
  • Almost at the end of the page, you will see a line titled "Light Filters".

Going into it, a layout in the form of colored pencils will appear. Also, when flipping, you can see the color display in the form of squares and honeycombs.
At the bottom of the bright image there is also a filter activation bar with a slider. By dragging it to the right, you can activate the function.

It is worth noting that there are several options for color rendering. To make the screen black and white, you need to select the first of the proposed options - shades of gray.
As a result of activating the function, all images for the user will be transmitted in black and white.

About Youtube channel Olegasphoto

olegasphoto youtube channelI am glad to share information about my Youtube... I founded it in 2014. Spread backstage video, customer reviews and some technical reviews. With time my video reviews became more popular. I started actively developing the channel at the beginning of 2019. Since then (early 2019), the number of subscribers has grown from 1700 to 12 now (July 000).

I continue to work intensively on the content for my channel. I am pleased that videos are generating a lot of engagement among an ever-growing audience. I can judge this by the number of views, comments, likes and dislikes. People are very sensitive to this or that content and I have enough experience to judge their preferences.

On this channel you can see:

  • reviews of video and photo equipment;
  • topics "how to choose a camera?", "how to shoot?", "how to make money from photography?" etc.;
  • my portfolio in the direction of photo and video.

If you are interested in advertising placement on the Olegasphoto channel, here are some statistics:

channel statistics olegasphoto channel statistics olegasphoto

I have an opportunity order a video review with your product (if it fits the subject).