How many photos do you get after the photo session?

Clients often ask me a very correct question “How many photos will we get in the end?". The question is very correct, because every photographer has a different approach and a different result. I shoot about 50-100 photos per hour (except for subject photography).

How does it happen ...

The number of photos depends primarily on the approach to work. It is better to have few good shots than 10 times more low-quality footage. This seemingly simple truth is realized in different ways by different photographers.

Somebody can shoot a lot in order to select the best shots later. For example, in a couple of hours, 1500 frames are made, from which something is then selected. The worst approach is when several thousand photographs are taken and given to the client in their original form.

My approach to work

Each shot should be thoughtful. Before pressing the shutter button, you need to quickly analyze a lot of shooting parameters and only then take pictures. Photos should be meaningful, not random.

I think it is wrong if the photographer after shooting turns out to be more than 5-10% of the total number of rejects. This suggests that he does not shoot well. Before you take a shot, you need to see it mentally. Then the result is the way the photographer wants it. If a person does not see the picture in his head, the result will be chaotic. It doesn't matter how many takes are done.

The total number of photos, of course, very much depends on the type of shooting.

Number of photos in reportage shooting

Reports are different. It's one thing if it's a corporate party for 500 people, and another is a small birthday in a narrow circle of close people. Accordingly, at a very dynamic event, the number of photos can increase up to 200 per hour, and at a quieter event it can fluctuate around 100.

How many photos does a wedding photographer give?

Wedding photography includes both reportage and staged shots. When calculating the total number of personnel, you need to take into account the saturation of the day's program, the number of guests and the time for transport. On average, when ordering for a full day, it usually turns out about 1000 high quality photos with general processing. By the way, with such orders it is also important that the photos are sorted and recorded in separate folders. When the number exceeds a thousand, it is already difficult to navigate in such a volume.

Number of photos in subject shooting

Subject photography is very specific. This work is very painstaking and implies a lot of time for preparing the shooting process (setting up equipment and working with the subject itself). By the way, the situation is similar with interior photography.

It all very much depends on the subject and purpose of the photo session. Relatively quickly, only similar uncomplicated subjects for directories. But one way or another, this is a long process. Sometimes you need to spend 3 hours to shoot 20 frames. Performing the shaping the same 20 frames takes about 10-12 hours.

Number of photos in studio shooting

Studio shooting can be done in various formats. A photo for a glossy magazine can take 4 hours for a single frame on the cover of a magazine. If we talk about photo sessions for myself (family, wedding, portfolio), then in the interior studio I provide about the same 100 photos per hour.

For some, this may seem like too little or too much. But then again, everyone has a different approach. There are photographers who simply do not know how to work with studio light and because of this they get very few photos, because it takes all the time to set up. There are photographers who just shoot more just to choose something later (or not to choose).

Too many don't make sense. On the other hand, the client must have a choice. Therefore, in this matter, it is important to maintain a balance.

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