how much does a photographer cost in kiev

How much does a photographer cost? Basics of pricing.

In this article I will not talk about specific prices, I want to talk about how these prices are announced on the websites of various people with cameras.

Question about the cost of photography - the most acute. In 90% of cases, this is the first thing that starts a conversation with a client. And yet, people trying to market themselves as photographers don't list prices on their websites. Going to some sites, in the section "prices"Or" cost of services "you can find watery seo-text, but no figures at all, even approximate ones. Someone may not have such a section at all.

how much does a photographer cost in kiev

What does it mean if there are no prices on the site?

Most likely and obvious - the price is taken from the ceiling, according to the mood.

But in what categories of numbers does a person think? Modest or not so? However, to find out for sure you will have to call one way or another.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?

First, the traffic on this site is low.
Secondly, a person has few orders.
Thirdly, a person either works recently or for a long time, but takes very few pictures.
Fourthly, in front of you is a non-professional.

Where are so many conclusions? It's simple.

1) If your site is visited, it is indexed well or you bought ads on it, calls will be made every day. And there will be many of them. If there are no visitors on the site, they will not call anyway.

2) If you have a lot of current work and you are constantly sitting and processing something or traveling on orders, you will not have time for conversations just like that. And the absence of prices means a large number of calls with requests to charge something for food or shareware.

3) If a person has no orders and a lot of free time, he will be glad to receive any calls.

4) The last point follows from the above.

Price "how we can agree«

Above, I described what the absence of prices can mean. But there is another strange option. There are some numbers on the site, but below there is a postscript - the price is negotiable, call and we will agree.

This reminds me of the behavior of a bazaar shopkeeper who sits without buyers, so he is ready to sell his trinkets at least somehow. In other words: there is little work, a lot of time, I am ready to negotiate. As they say - to each his own. But this approach cannot be called professional. This will undoubtedly apply to the quality of the work ...

Recently, by the way, was case on the topic all of the above. One girl was given an order for a photo shoot. In response, she bombarded with questions: how much should it cost? What number should I call the client? etc. This is another explanation of everything that was discussed above. People do not indicate prices because they cannot estimate themselves.

As a result, the client gets the price from the ceiling - depending on the magnetic storms in the sun, the entry of Venus into the third cycle of the fifth house of Saturn, etc. So it's better to immediately put the randomizer on the site, there will be numbers ...

corporate photographer Kiev

Should I order a photographer for a corporate event?

Should you invite a photographer to a corporate party? In fact, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. It depends on the company, its corporate policy, on the scale and nature of the planned event in the end.

What are the reasons AGAINST?

  • if the event is held in the office and in a narrow circle of selected colleagues, the services of a photographer most likely simply do not make sense
  • inviting a photographer is an additional expense

Why FOR?

  • if you are planning a large-scale event with an extensive entertainment program, a photographer is a must to capture this magnificence
  • a competent photographer will successfully convey the atmosphere and capture the emotions of all participants in the event - they will have something to remember, which will only strengthen the corporate spirit
  • high-quality photos will be needed to report on the event
  • high-quality photos - a memory of an event that would otherwise be quickly forgotten
  • the choice of a professional photographer for a corporate party is a guarantee that you will receive comprehensive high quality photographic material

In general, there is no single answer - it's up to you.

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