Why should a photographer be ordered for christening?

The Rite of Baptism - a sacred sacrament that occurs once in a lifetime. All close relatives come to this important event. But in addition to witnessing the event, you also need to keep the memory of it. The best way to do this is to order a professional photographer for your christening.

Why can't you take it off yourself?

Of course, you can try to shoot. But even if you shoot with some kind of camera, and not a phone, you will not be able to achieve high quality. The problem is complex lighting inside Orthodox churches... The light there is not only weak, but also difficult because of the angle of its incidence. Usually the windows high under the temple roof and the light from the front door serve as a source of illumination. In this case, the guests are located facing the altar and with their backs to the entrance. Consequently, their faces appear in shadow and their backs are highlighted.

Good photographers know how to work in these conditions. Shooting has to be done manually using special high-aperture optics. The processing of the resulting photographs also plays a significant role. Competent specialists always shoot in raw format, which allows them to work with color as accurately as possible at the post-processing stage.

The goal of a professional's work is to guarantee a quality result.

In general, when it comes to important events, photographers Service are more than justified. This is especially true for once-in-a-lifetime events.

Look baptismal portfolio Is not only an important event, but also very atmospheric and beautiful.