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What lenses should you use for corporate events?

Corporate events, as a kind of reportage, have their own specifics. I'm already писал about the experience of filming a corporate party for fixes. In short, you can, but now I don't. If you can, it's always better to take a zoom with you 24-70mm... If fix - then 35mm.Why is there no place for a televisor at a corporate party?

Unlike seminars and conferences, telephoto can be easily abandoned here. Phallic 70-200mm or humble, but more beloved by me, 135mm will not provide you with fundamentally different pictures. You can take it if you want to, to snatch faces from the crowd. Only it makes no sense. You can easily come closer and shoot them in the same close-up. Often they won't even pay attention to you.

The nature of work at such events is in constant interaction with people. The telephoto is indispensable when you must remain invisible and must not interfere in what is happening. At corporate parties, unlike more formal events, you will very often be asked to take a photo with a Christmas tree / brandwall or a company banner. And when not asked, you must take the initiative yourself to photograph vacationers who do not care about you. They will only be grateful, but you need to gently remind yourself of yourself. However, starting from a certain point, you will be pulled without any hesitation. In such conditions, you will be very very cramped with a telephoto on a carcass. The situations will be likeand take a picture of us three“And you have 135mm ... Photos with banners are a separate topic. I'll tell you more.

At one recent event, I had about 40% of the total number of photos in front of a brand wall. Why? It is not the first year in Kiev (and not only) that it has been popular to do corporate events in the theme of the Oscars. Red carpet, posters with employees in the style of popular blockbusters and, of course, a brand wall with figurines. This is a magnet for girls who want to get glamorous photos. Your task is to make the photo bright and catchy. Proper flash setting (ideally - softbox) and post-processing in lightroom they will do their job, but TV does not belong here.

Why 24-70mm?

These focal lengths are ideal for working with people indoors. As mentioned above, you will take a lot of static photos in the style oftake a picture of us". These photos are not as simple as they might seem at first glance. You will need a focal range from 24mm to 50mm to instantly take a photo both full-length and waist-high. If you are photographing a group of people, usually without a wide angle you will not be able to capture the whole of them. Backtrack with fifty dollars you will have nowhere.

Advantages 24-70mm you can still feel it when you need to film employee performances and various shows. Your movements in such moments will be limited, and the zoom will help you get versatile photos. With fixes in such conditions, you will get monotonous photos or you will need a second carcass.

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Graduation photo

Graduation Ceremony - a solemn event associated with the graduation of an educational institution. Graduation evenings are events that happen only once in a lifetime and it is important that they remain in memory of them in the form of high-quality photographs. For schoolchildren and students, a graduation photo album will be very appropriate, which will keep memories for a lifetime.

Specify the cost of photographing graduation in Kiev individually.

It is also possible video filming.

The standard package includes:

  • shooting group and individual portraits throughout the entire time
  • processing of all photos (exposure, color, contrast correction)
  • sending via file sharing

Additionally possible creation of photo albums - from 800 UAH / album (depends on circulation and format)

Preparation for graduation begins long before it begins. Indeed, in order to organize such a memorable event, you need to agree on the venue for the graduation, think over the entertainment program and, of course, think about the photographer in advance. The services of a professional photographer and videographer are essential if you want to leave vivid and unique memories for your class (group).

Photo / video support can start from the presentation of certificates (diplomas) up to a banquet with a sunrise (by agreement). The photo will capture both the official part of the celebration, as well as contests, a banquet, curiosities and many other interesting moments.

Photos can be arranged in the form photo books.

Filming a prom or first day of September - a responsible business. It is important to capture forever in memory the happiest and most memorable moments of such events as graduation. Only the best memories of school or university will remain in your album.

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