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How to order Chinese Canon R5 from AliExpress?

At some point, I realized that I needed exactly the Chinese Canon EOS R5. Ordinary is no longer a pleasure, you need Chinese.

What do you need to get a Chinese Canon R5?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy an unoriginal R5 right away. You will need the original Canon R5, which you can buy here... Then, when you have an original camera, you need to purchase such a kit... With it, you can turn a normal camera with a black body into a silver Chinese Canon R5.

The process takes about 1.5 hours of painstaking work with tweezers (included) and a little hairdryer (not included). How exactly this happens, I showed in this video:

Order Chinese Canon R5 on AliExpress

Camera for the aspiring blogger 2021

Which camera should you buy for running a Youtube channel in 2021? A popular question, because more and more people are thinking about running their own YouTube channel.

Where to start?

I would advise you to first of all think not about the camera, but about the content. First of all, you must have a story to tell. If other people are not interested in your story, no amount of even the most advanced technique will fix it. And vice versa, if you can hook the audience with something, if you have something to tell, if you have a sufficient level of expertise, then you will be listened to even in the recording from the phone. Therefore, remember - content comes first, and only then the technique.

So which camera should you buy?

Well, you realized that you are not opening your channel for nothing, and you have already received the first responses. I advise you to first test your recording channel with any existing equipment. You don't even need to buy anything right away.

So you've gotten some positive feedback and you know it works. What kind of topical camera to buy in 2021?

Do not hurry. First, you need to provide yourself with quality sound and light. Good sound is more important than images - that's a fact. You must first learn how to record videos with good sound. You will be easily forgiven for low-quality video, but bad sound with noise can quickly make the viewer stop watching your video.

About the picture

A picture from a phone with good lighting will look much better than a picture from a cool camera without good lighting. You first need to buy a light, and then a camera.

So which camera should you buy?

With cameras, the situation is such that most people believe that it is the technician who is shooting, and not the person. People massively believe in the very same super-camera that gives the perfect image. This is all nonsense. The image is formed by lighting, and the camera already captures what YOU create due to the correct setting of the light. But when you figured out at least the basic lighting scheme, then I recommend at first not to spend a lot of money on carcasses.

My advice: Canon M50 or Canon M6 mark II... These models have the highest level of convenience, which comes first when choosing any camera.

canon m50 front

Blogger camera should be easy to set up and intuitive to operate. These traits are common to all Canon camerasso I recommend them first. But again, I urge you not to get too hung up on the camera.

First the content, then the sound, then the light, then the model of the camera.

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Compact mirrorless cameras 2020/2021

I would like to share my thoughts on perhaps the most popular category of cameras - compact mid-range cameras with interchangeable lenses and an APS-C sensor size.

The following models participated in my video review:

In general, I want to say that all cameras are usable. The choice of a specific model is more reduced not to “which camera shoots better?”, But to the ease of use and the choice of optics for a specific system.


  • Disappointed me the most Canon M50 mark II... I really expected to see a working autofocus in 4K there. But no, alas. Good AF when recording with this camera is only available in FullHD. There are slight differences from the first version (for example, the ability to shoot vertical video for Instagram), but globally nothing has changed relative to the original Canon M50. However, the price of the new product will not differ from the first one. Over time, she will simply replace it. It should be borne in mind that this is also the most inexpensive camera in our review.

➡️buy Canon M50 mark II in Ukraine
➡️buy Canon M50 mark II in Russia

  • Canon M6 mark II Is one of my favorites. The camera has the best ergonomics in my opinion. The maximum number of wheels, large buttons in the right places, full-fledged touch control - this gives you the feeling of traveling in an expensive car, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The downside is the least detailed 4K video of all cameras. The M50 writes 4K with crop and essentially no autofocus, but the detail is higher there. Fuji and Nikon also have better video sharpness than the M6 ​​MK II.

➡️buy Canon M6 mark II in Ukraine
➡️buy Canon M6 mark II in Russia

  • Fujifilm X-S10 - my camera, which I recently bought myself instead X-T3... I must tell you, if you are serious about video shooting, the Fujifilm X-T3 will be the smartest choice on the market right now. In terms of price / performance ratio, this is the best model. The X-S10 bribed me with its swivel screen, comfortable grip and low weight. It is a compact and pleasant camera. Although, when it comes to settings, Canon cameras are still easier and more convenient to operate.

➡️buy Fujifilm X-S10 in Ukraine
➡️buy Fujifilm X-S10 in Russia

  • Nikon Z50 pleased with the largest and brightest screen of all models in this review, and, in principle, in its segment. On the downside, for me personally, Nikon camera control is not intuitive. But I understand that this is a matter of habit. An objective disadvantage is a small selection of native optics for mirrorless crops on this system. With an adapter for mirror optics, there will of course be more possibilities. I think the camera will be in demand among nikonists, tk. continues the glorious traditions of this brand.

➡️buy Nikon Z50 in Ukraine
➡️buy Nikon Z50 in Russia

One way or another, choosing any camera from this review, you will not be mistaken.

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