How do you know who is a good photographer?

Photography is a very wide field of activity with a large number of areas of application and an equally large number of people who evaluate its result.

There is an amateur photography where people take pictures of nature, landscapes, other people and enjoy it. And then there is professional photography, the purpose of which is to obtain guaranteed high-quality images, whether it is wedding photos for the family archive or commercial photography of real estate for the sale of premises or rent. The fundamental difference between amateur and professional photography is not in the object being filmed, but in the payment for such activities. An amateur photographer shoots without the intention of receiving money for the shoot, while a professional is motivated by paying for his work.

Who is a good photographer?

How do you know if a photographer is good or not? There are a lot of people who take pictures for themselves and receive praise from their friends and relatives. Are they good photographers? It's debatable. Why? Here we need to focus on the perception of photographs.

How are photographs evaluated?

Let's say there is some kind of portrait photograph of a couple in love from a wedding. How do you know if it is good or not? It is important to ask the question - FOR WHOM she is good.

  • A person with a camera will like a photo, because he bought a new lens with beautiful background blur.
  • In this case, the bride will not like the photo, because in her opinion, it will be unsuccessful for her to hang a curl over her left eye.
  • The groom will look and say - yes, everything is ok, he will go.
  • If you start showing the photo to the relatives of the young, they will admire the lovers and generally will not notice either the hanging curl or the blurring of the background.
  • If this photo is looked at by an outside girl who is just preparing for the wedding, she may pay attention to the unsuccessful style of the dress (in her opinion) and reject this photo as unsuccessful.
  • If another photographer looks at the photo, he will notice the wrong white balance and unsuccessful framing.
  • When a wedding decorator sees the photo, he may be outraged by the decoration of the banquet hall behind the backs of the young, unfashionable this season.

The list can be continued for a long time, tk. all people will have their own views and preferences. Which of all these people will be right? Everyone is right. But each in its own way. No wonder, they say: there is one truth, but everyone has their own truth.

This was a wedding photography example. It depends a lot on taste.

In wedding photographs, people very often evaluate not the work of the photographer, but WHAT he took off.

In other genres, the work of the photographer still comes to the fore. For example, take subject or interior photography... The main thing here is to correctly display the object being shot and present it as advantageously as possible. It will not work just like that to take and remove an object on a white background (although many people think it is easy). It will also not work just like that to take and beautifully rent a small room in an ordinary apartment. Only photographer with great camera and experience able to cope with these tasks.

Back to the original question:

Who is considered a good photographer if photographs are judged so differently?

A good photographer is an experienced photographer... He must know who and how looks at the photos. His task is to make them so that everyone will like them. The more he shoots, the more clients he contacts, the more he understands their needs and knows how, what and whom to shoot. With experience comes an understanding of what technique is needed for certain tasks. Together, all these factors allow a professional photographer to guarantee the result to new clients with new tasks.

dear photographer - who is he

What kind of expensive photographers are there?

The title of this article is somewhat non-standard. After all, the most popular query is “inexpensive photographer". But what about people who want to get a guaranteed high-quality result, and not just something?

Who is a dear photographer Ideally?

Ideally it is experienced specialist with good technique. This is a person who has hundreds of shoots behind him and knows how to achieve results under any circumstances.

Such a photographer knows what the client needs in each particular case. All possible situations have already been played and repeated in his practice, so this is not a problem.

By virtue of the above, a competent professional photographer knows the value of his work.

What kind we are there expensive photographers?

An ideal situation has been described above. Naturally, in practice everything turns out to be somewhat different.

1 category... People who have some kind of cameras and a lot of inflated self-esteem. Often the cameras are amateur and there is no portfolio as such. But this does not prevent such people from drawing imaginary prices on sites (if any) or pages in social networks.

Due to the lack of experience and good technology, there can be no question of any quality of photographs here. They receive 1 order every six months from their friends.

2 category... People in photo parties like mywed and others. Here everything is in character and has its own correct artistic vision. As nowhere else the phrase "the artist sees this way" is relevant here. Can't find the bride in the photo? It is, just on the scale of an ant. In the photo, the legs / arms / heads are partially cut off - this is how it should be. There are a lot of examples, see here и here.

3 category... Photographers at event agencies. The range of quality is the same as if you search on the Internet. You can get a good photographer, or you can get a bad one. Only it will be expensive in any case. After all, an agency can offer you a photographer for $ 1000, and pay him $ 150. The result corresponds to the real value.

4 category... Photographer for friends. He does not have a website, he shoots for anything and anyway. But due to good connections, he does not sit without work. After all, there is always someone who will advise. Why bother if there are orders in one way or another?

Last, vanishingly small category- people with extensive experience, a good website and high quality work.

You should definitely not look for such specialists on message boards or through acquaintances. The best option is to search the Internet yourself.

dear photographer - who is he

Where do expensive photographers come from?

The comparison is worth making here: Where do good doctors come from? They become so with years of experience gained in government clinics. This is extremely hard work. But, on the other hand, if you come to a paid clinic and find an inexperienced doctor there, who was put there by an acquaintance, you should not think about good treatment.

The situation is similar with photographers. No course will teach real professional photography. Only experience makes a man with a camera a competent photographer. A person must conduct more than one hundred filming, visit different situations and learn how to shoot under any conditions. This takes more than one year. The first time they shoot for free or inexpensively - they fill the bumps on such orders and replenish the portfolio. Then, a real professional is gradually formed. He already knows how to guarantee a quality result for each client. Of course, this is accompanied by expensive equipment, developed portfolio, website and advertising.

What is test photography?

Concept trial or test shooting appeared on the Internet recently. What is meant by it is difficult to say unequivocally. Everyone sees this kind of photographer work differently.

Where did the test shoot come from?

This service can be found on the websites of some budding photographers. With a test shoot, they try to attract new clients. For a nominal payment or even free of charge, many are ready to hold a small photo session to show what they are capable of. The client, in turn, may then agree or disagree to further cooperation.

Test shooting may be offered in various genres. As in the form walking photo sessions before the wedding, and for shooting items for online stores. The latter type of work is highly publicized.

Due to the fact that a test shooting service appeared on the sites of people with cameras, many customers began to take this service for granted and expect that professionals will also engage in test photo sessions. But this is not the case.

Why test photography?

The essence of the event is to show the client the quality of the work and convince him of the correct choice of the photographer. Very often this concerns precisely subject photography... Such an offer is relevant for beginner photographers who have neither a portfolio, nor real experience with various types of objects, nor a large number of orders.

If a person is just starting to take pictures and still doubts himself whether he will be able to photograph, say, a bag, a book, or T-shirt on a white backgroundthen he is ready to go to the client for free / for a nominal fee to try and practice. Such an event cannot be attributed to professional photography.

Difference of work professional photographer to guarantee a high-quality result. The client, for his part, can verify this by reading photographer portfolio, reviews of his work and other information. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify that no matter how large the portfolio is, it is impossible to photograph all things in the world... Therefore, do not be surprised if the portfolio does not contain your particular item (thermos, sock or candelabrum). The type of object is often not at all as important as its color and condition (the presence of scratches, stains and other defects that require retouching).

Why don't professional photographers do free test shoots?

  • First, good photographers have busy schedules. Free time is worth its weight in gold. With the existing number of orders, there can be no question of any free trial filming.
  • Secondly, a professional photographer, due to the accumulated knowledge and experience, knows what and how he can shoot. The trial and error phase was passed many years ago. The essence of his activity is a guaranteed result.

Of course, test shooting can be ordered from professional photographer... But she will be paid by the tariff minimum order.