The beauty of photo shoots in the Chocolate House

The Chocolate House is a two-story building built in the Venetian Renaissance style at the end of the 17th century. It is located in Kiev at 2/XNUMX Shelkovichnaya street.

The building got its name "Chocolate House" due to the brown color of its facade. In 2010, the building underwent restoration, after which it began to gain popularity for various photography.

chocolate house photo

The premises of the Chocolate House are especially interesting for holding wedding photo sessions... By the way, from 1960 to 1982, this building housed the Central Registry Office of the city of Kiev. In 1982, the well-known triangular-shaped building on Victory Avenue 11 was built. Central registry office is located on Pobedy Avenue, not on Shelkovichnaya.

The building has 6 halls: Modern, Moorish, Renaissance, Rococo, Byzantine and French (white) + chic staircase.

photo hall modern

Ceilings and walls of all halls abound stucco moldings, paintings, and carved wood panels... The interior of any room here is admirable. The presence of authentic Venetian mirrors, carved doors and window sills, figured casting of the front staircase railing and other details create their own unique atmosphere. Chandeliers, sconces and double-leaf wooden doors have been preserved in almost all halls of the building.

family photo in the chocolate house

The empire-style staircase deserves special attention. The steps are made of white marble and the railings are cast bronze. A giant mirror completes the staircase.

For high-quality filming, you need to book a room for at least 1-2 hours.

Phone number of the Chocolate House for room reservation: (044) 253-05-21.

Wedding ceremonies in the Chocolate House: (050) 753-58-58, (073) 753-58-58

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