laser hair removal process

Photography for the beauty salon Lash Boutique

Another photo session for a beauty salon Lash boutique... This time filmed:

  • regular massage
  • massage with honey and sticks
  • laser hair removal

You can also read promo video for this salon.

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Professional photography: useful information

Of course, in the life of every person there are events, the impression of which you want to leave for a long time. Family albums keep the memory of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, anniversaries and other significant events. After all, each of activities or the events captured in the photographs, an important milestone in the life of not only the "hero" of the occasion, but also of the whole family and friends. Amateur photos are very cute, but on special occasions, the quality of the photo must be exceptional. The services of a professional photographer are irreplaceable in this case.
Photography features

The main feature of photographing solemn events is their uniqueness and originality. At such celebrations, there is no opportunity to make several takes of the same moment, unlike a studio photo shoot. In addition, the complexity of filming also lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict the weather conditions, the degree of illumination in which the photo will be taken. Preparing in advance is extremely difficult. Only extensive experience, professionalism of the photographer allows you to choose:

• required angle;
• moment for the frame;
• as well as adjust on the go to the weather, exposure.

Necessary equipment
The most essential equipment is camera... To visit an identity, they usually take 2 digital cameras - the main one and the safety one. Moreover, their characteristics may differ, which later can be useful in case of an unexpected change in photographing conditions. A pair of interchangeable lenses, light filters will allow you to adapt to any lighting conditions, even drastically changing ones. At large events, it is not possible to install fixed lighting equipment. The presence of a built-in flash does not provide the ability to fully control the illumination. For excellent picture quality, a flash lamp and a reflector screen are used.Photography style

Every professional develops his own style of photography over the years. Modern photographic processing technology helps the photographer complete the composition of the event, but no program can replace the sharpness of the professional's eye. The main thing is that the dynamics, the mood of the displayed event must be preserved. For a wedding, a romantic style is often chosen, even with elements of fabulousness - the groom is a magnificent prince, the bride is a charming princess. To send off to the army requires a strict, masculine style. The classic style is more suitable for birthdays and anniversaries.

When choosing a style, the photographer must take into account the scenario according to which the event will develop, maintain the general line of what is happening, and not wedge in the most unexpected moment. You should pay attention to the actors themselves. Photography is able to hide flaws, embellish advantages. The skill of a professional lies in the combination of all factors.

But all the subtleties of craftsmanship art photography creations know only true masters of their craft, who are able to make any holiday an unforgettable event.