About approach to work

photographer in kiev olegasphotoFor me photography is no longer a hobby. This is the main genus professional activities. For many years of experience, a certain approach to work has developed, the essence of which I will describe in detail below.

About quality

I love my job and always try to do it as efficiently as possible. It does not depend on whether the client orders a one-time shooting or plans a long-term cooperation. It is important for me to do the job well in any case.

About prices and discounts

Often people turn to me with questions about discounts for bulk orders, or discounts just like that, for no reason. I want to state my position - I rarely give discounts. There are several reasons for this:

  • prices for my services, while the technique I use, and the work I put into processing is more than adequate. it adequately for qualitythat the client receives as a result. I deliberately state this by comparing what you can find from competitors, and seeing their prices.
  • talking about bulk orders, you need to understand that qualitative the work of a photographer or videographer is always time consuming. It's not mechanical conveyorand manual work is inherently difficult intellectually and physically. An approach "make me 5 videos for the price of 3»Does not work here. This is not sausage in a bazaar or toothpaste on a wholesale supermarket shelf.
  • the price indicated on the website also guarantees that a sufficient amount will be paid to your order processing time.
  • the market is now such that ordering cheaper / with super discounts is not a problem. There are a lot of offers. I am personally responsible for my work and I know the price. It is more important for me to get fewer orders, but to do everything with high quality, than to shoot somehow, a lot and cheap.

On the timing of the return of material and time

I always give specific dates when the material will be ready. Processing time can vary from 1 week to a couple of months. The term depends on my workload and the complexity of processing a specific order. Anyway, expedited processing implies surcharge for urgency... Even if the order is small. The fact is that I have a lot of current work and previous orders, which I also need to give.

Every day I process or shoot something. Time is worth its weight in gold. Hence, by the way, and minimum order amount.

I also not doing trial shooting, work on barter, tfp photo shoots or free consultations (on the topic which lens to choose etc.)

About creative vision

I'm happy to be creative, look for unusual angles or sometimes take pictures with fish. But I am also aware that commercial photography or video filming implies some framework in work. The same fishye not appropriate in the interior photos of apartments for sale... I believe that toning wedding photos or other memorable photographs should be done in the most natural color possible. After 20 years, no one will appreciate that in 2017 it was fashionable to tint a photo in a gray-brown-crimson shade, as they love to do on Mayveda and in other photo communities.

In general, I do not impose my vision and readily listen to the wishes of the client.


I am glad to cooperate, please contact.