Features of portrait wedding photography

The peculiarity of portrait photography is not just about conveying how a person looks. Appearance is not everything. The photograph should convey to the viewer the character of the person and his emotions... Thus, the photo can reveal certain aspects of the personality.

This effect is achieved most often in casual photography without staging elements. But, speaking of a wedding, one should take into account that wedding photography combines both reportage and staging. On a wedding walk, it is quite normal for a photographer to show the newlyweds how to become one and where and how best to take pictures. Nevertheless, even during staged shooting, the character of people appears. There are postures that are more comfortable for people, and that they unconsciously take. When a couple is posing, such nuances show the nature of their relationship. The photographer's task is to capture beautiful moments and focus on them.

During the reportage, people's emotions are also very strong. The main thing is to see them. If the photographer sees such details, they will be visible in the photo. Take for example registration ceremony at the registry office... It lasts about 10 minutes. And how much you can take a picture during this time. So many emotions are played on the faces of lovers in a matter of minutes!

What else can you say about wedding portrait photography?

In order for the people in the photo to look at ease, they must be in an appropriate environment. The wedding mess does not always have this. There are times when future newlyweds forget their passports at home. We have to return from the registry office to pick them up. In general, in general, a moment of relaxation occurs at the end of the marriage registration ceremony. Therefore, everyone is already going for a walk with a light heart. But the daily routine is not everything. The photographer should always be a pleasant companion. Indeed, with all the stresses described, a gloomy and taciturn photographer is unlikely to contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. Personal contact is very important in this matter. It is difficult to show emotions in front of a person who does not feel the festive atmosphere of a wedding celebration and is completely closed in himself (and such are often found).

therefore professional photographer it's also a psychologist. Taking a good portrait, be it a wedding or an individual photo session, requires basic human contact. Only when it is easy for everyone to communicate with each other, and there will be a solid positive in the photos.

With all of the above, the photographer should not forget about the technical aspects of shooting. He needs to see how and where the light comes from, choose the optimal angles for photography and, of course, be friends with his technique. With a lot of experience, these technical nuances fade into the background and are performed automatically. Communication with the client comes to the fore and creating the right atmosphere for the most natural and beautiful images.

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