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How to carry out pre-sale preparation of an apartment correctly?

It often happens that one apartment is located by its buyer in just a few days, while another, seemingly practically the same, is sold for months.

First, you need to find a good website for sale of apartmentswhere you will place your ad for the sale. Until buyers find out about you, and there is nothing to talk about. But this is just for the beginning.

It is not enough just to submit an ad - the apartment must also be properly prepared for demonstrations so that a potential buyer would like it at first sight. What should be done?

Documents Editing

The first thing that needs to be done in order to quickly sell an apartment is to prepare the entire package of documents and remove all tenants from registration. The fact is that many buyers, even if they like the apartment and agree with the price, leave when they find out that they still need to wait for the preparation of documents or that the apartment has prescribed documents. Therefore, in order not to lose interested buyers, you need to start with the documents.

Apartment renovation

It makes no sense to carry out expensive repairs in the apartment being sold, since the costs will not pay off anyway. But it is still necessary to bring the living space into a marketable condition by making inexpensive cosmetics.

Even if the buyer is looking for a small one-room apartment, he would like it to be spacious and bright. Therefore, you should re-glue the wallpaper - let it be simple, cheap, but light in color and without an intrusive pattern. The ceilings need to be whitewashed, refreshed, if necessary, paint on the doors and floor.

If the bathroom has rusty, dripping taps, they should definitely be replaced. Many sellers are cunning and do inexpensive bathtub refurbishments to make it look like new. Each buyer will definitely pay attention to the condition of the plumbing.

Cleanliness and comfort

Before the actual demonstration, the apartment should be wet cleaned. The house should be clean and tidy. It is impossible for the buyer to see scattered personal belongings, shoe heaps in the hallway, trash on the balcony, as is often the case.

As for furniture, if possible, it is better to take out all unnecessary furnishings, which only clutters up the aisles and takes away precious space. It is necessary to leave the minimum so that the apartment looks habitable and comfortable, and at the same time spacious.

Entrance condition

Demonstration of an apartment to potential buyers begins with their inspection of the entrance. The dirt on the staircase, the spat on the elevator and the cigarette butts eloquently tell what kind of people you will have to live with in the neighborhood.

It is imperative to wash your floor and the elevator, screw in bright bulbs in the entrance. The front door must be perfectly clean.


It is advisable to meet the buyer at the bus stop and take the most beautiful road to your home. With a person, you need to be polite and friendly. It is better to send small children and pets for a walk while visiting the apartment.

Interior and architectural photography

Interior photography from Olegasphoto will allow you to get premium quality photos that create the best impression.

The cost of interior photography


  • Minimum (15 photos with processing) = UAH 3000 *
  • Standard (25 photos with processing) = UAH 4000 *
  • Business (50 photos with processing) = UAH 7500 *

Additional photos - 150 UAH / piece.

*Cost for 1 object. Source codes are not given away.

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Also possible shooting from a quadcopter.

Real estate photography and interior photography in Kiev are in demand both among realtors, brokers, designers, architects, and among owners who need professional photos to advertise existing real estate objects.

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Interior photography

The price of interior photography in Kiev depends on the total number of photos and the requirements for them.

All images are processed (including color correction and light retouching).Canon EF 14mm f2.8L ii

For a complete coverage of rooms, as well as a visual increase in the space of rooms, among other things, it is used professional lens with a viewing angle of more than 120 degrees, allowing you to shoot in tight spaces (closets, bathrooms, small kitchens, etc.).

Professional photographs of apartments can be successfully used on real estate websites, message boards, catalogs,, etc. Photo sessions for catalogs and interior design contests.

Provided service for video filming of apartments and other real estate

It is possible to create 3D tours from 360-degree spherical panoramic photos.

Shooting cost: 500 UAH / 1 panorama

Creation of a 3D tour and software configuration are paid separately.

Interior photography and architectural photography go hand in hand. It is important for a photographer not only to show the uniqueness and all the advantages of this or that interior, but also to give the viewer the feeling of being present in the property offered through professional photography.

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