photography of paintings in kiev

Professional photography of paintings in Kiev

The cost of the service starts from minimum order depending on the required size* (for Print or digitization).

On this site you can order professional photography of paintings and other art objects both for the Internet and for duplication, reproduction or printing in catalogs.

photography of paintings in kiev

Catalog with photos from Olegasphoto:

The shooting is carried out using professional photographic equipment, taking into account the need to save color accuracy and texture display the pictures taken.

plasticine paintings

For high color accuracy, a color calibration target.

colorchecker when taking pictures

Shooting is possible both in the studio (rent is paid separately) and on the customer's territory with the installation of the necessary lighting.

Rent of photo studios is not included in the price.

photography paintings items

* Specify the required output size: in pixels or DPI and centimeters. Shooting for catalogs usually involves printing up to A3 and 300 DPI. Shooting large pictures (A1 and more) for reproduction in full size requires more detail, the cost is calculated individually. 

comparison of the detail quality of a photo of a 100 megapixel picture

Why are good product photos expensive?

When ordering a photographer, you need to understand that not only the time required for the shooting itself is paid, but also the processing time of the material. Here I am focusing on timesince all photographers approach their work differently. Everyone devotes as much time to processing as they see fit. Accordingly, the results are different for everyone. This is especially true subject photography.

Of great importance is the amount of retouching of the original photo.

photography for the company TOV "Agrotehnosoyuz"

A close-up photograph of any object shows such a number of flaws that we do not see in natural conditions. When we pick up a bottle, board, usb cable (anything), the object may seem quite normal to us. But when the photographer takes a picture professional equipment with high resolution, it is something like looking at such an object under a magnifying glass, or even a microscope. Moreover, the smaller the object, the more its shortcomings are visible when macro photography. Scuffs, scratches, uneven joints, etc. immediately become noticeable. In order for such a photo to be used for commercial purposes, it certainly needs to be carefully processed. In this case, processing means practically drawing the object again.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the processing was invisible. This means that you need to repeat the texture of the object where its elements are replaced, redraw the contours where they are uneven, and much more. It is not surprising that such work takes a lot of time, requires perseverance and good knowledge of graphic editors. It takes an average of one photo 1-2 hours. Unfortunately, there is no such magic button "make it beautiful", so everything has to be worked out manually.

preliminary photo in the camera

Quality photography is based on nuances. When we look at the preview photo on the screen camera, it may seem that everything is so good and beautiful there. It's a delusion. There is always something to work on.

how high-quality product photos are created

It becomes noticeable on the computer screen. Remove the spot there, even out the color there, etc. It is from such details that a high-quality image is then formed, which can be used on the site. online store, in advertising or printed matter.

example of finished products with photo

Now let's go back to the content of the first paragraph. How much time are photographers willing to spend processing material? If the photographer is ordered according to the principle we have a limited budget and if only it is cheaper, then you need to understand that in this case, no one will carefully and for a long time process the photos. A good specialist values ​​his time and knows the value of his work. If the budget is too limited, it is better not to order a photographer at all, since the results of poor-quality work will not be shown to anyone.

If quality is still a priority, then you can order photography on this site. Read more at page about subject photography.

What is the difference between high-quality subject photography?

Is it hard to take a good photo? To answer this question, you need to understand the following:

  • what is the state of the photographed object
  • in what form should the product be provided (isolated / surrounded)
  • what are photographs for (print or internet)
  • who will shoot (degree of qualification of the photographer)

1) The amount of work at the post-processing stage (after shooting) depends on the state of the subject. Even new products can have visual flaws in the form of small scratches, abrasions, uneven seams, and so on. Moreover, the smaller the object, the more such nuances are visible. For example, holding a ballpoint pen in our hands, we most likely will not see everything that will be visible in a full-size photo. The photo in this case plays the role of a magnifying glass, showing us all the smallest details, down to the dust particles. Therefore, for filming, you need to prepare the highest quality samples.

2) High-quality product photography requires retouching... The degree and nature of retouching depends on the state of the object, as well as whether there is a need to isolate it from the background. Depending on the subject itself, the complexity of retouching against a uniform background can be very different. For example, processing a white t-shirt on a white background is a rather laborious task even for an experienced photographer.

3) The complexity of processing directly depends on the size of the photo that is being processed. If the photo is planned to be used only on the Internet, then today a resolution of up to 1920 pixels on the large side is sufficient - this is the standard resolution of modern FullHD monitors. If the photo will be used in printing, then a higher resolution may be needed. A larger file size increases the detail of the shot, and with it the amount of work on each photo.

4) To get a high-quality photo, you only need to contact professionals in their field... Above we talked about post-processing photography, but work with light, preparation of the workplace and the ability to shoot in general are no less important. When shooting subjects, technical nuances such as focus control, correct exposure, the use of professional optics and much more are very important. Therefore, the differences in the work of a professional and just a person with a camera are so striking.

If needed photos of items for commercial use, do not skimp on the services of a photographer, because cheap shooting always gives unsatisfactory results. Quality is worth its money and always pays off in the long term.