How much does it cost to order a subject shooting in Kiev?

Subject photography - a common type of commercial photography. First of all, photos of objects are in demand by online stores for the presentation of their goods. High-quality photos on the website of an online store are a great bonus for potential buyers.

Price for subject photography varies significantly depending on the nature of the order. The main parameters affecting the cost of subject shooting:

  • number of product units
  • external parameters of objects
  • processing wishes

1. Number of product units

This is the basic setting. You need to understand that even if you need to take 2-3 photos, it will cost the same as 10 pieces. By virtue of such a concept as minimum orderwhich includes: departure of a photographer, transportation of the necessary equipment, arrangement of a workplace for shooting, direct shooting and photo processing.

Discounts are available for large orders, but this does not apply to shooting complex subjects. For example, jewelry.

2. External parameters of objects

The need for professional product photography manifests itself when you need to capture objects, photographs of which are almost impossible to obtain in amateur conditions, for example:

  • transparent products (bottles, packaging)
  • things with reflective surfaces (glasses, stainless steel surfaces)
  • miniature items (collectible coins)
  • and more

Shooting the above items will cost more than regular items.

It is worth mentioning separately jewelry... This is perhaps the most expensive type of work. Jewelry is the most difficult item to photograph. The abundance of glare surfaces and the miniature size make such shooting extremely time consuming both at the stage of shooting and processing.

It is very important for a photographer to know what kind of subjects will need to be photographed before shooting. Since different surfaces require a different approach and equipment.

3. Wishes for processing

Standard processing implies the creation of a photograph where the object is clearly visible against a uniform background (it can be either white or any other color).

More detailed processing involves correcting various visual defects of the product. For example: erasing stains, touching up scratches, removing tags, etc. Such work is paid separately and per piece.

So, how much does a subject photography cost?

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