Choosing a wedding photographer

In our reality, weddings are usually played only once in a lifetime. And that is why there is an increased emphasis on professional wedding photo session... To invite for this responsible business an amateur photographer from among his relatives or friends, who will shoot everything with an amateur camera or mobile phone, is not an expedient business - everything will turn out to be of poor quality and disappointing. It is better to immediately invite a real professional in his field to the wedding, who will film everything that happens with due attention and a high level of professionalism.

Wedding photographer for these purposes, he must use professional photographic equipment, capable of filming all ceremonies that take place both indoors and outdoors in the most beautiful form. The photographer will definitely take with him a large set of lenses with which he can easily take both single and group shots. Enlightened Optics guarantees good results - it can shoot even at dusk or by candlelight.

The professional photographer must subject the received digital information color correction and handles competently and wisely. As a result, the photos will be sharp and with vivid saturated colors.

A true professional gives all photos in digital form. As a result, young people get a disk or a link to a file sharing service, which makes the pictures extremely durable. Photographs of their ancestors will be fully enjoyed by their grateful descendants.

And all this is thanks to the work of a professional wedding photographer!

Do you need a professional photographer for a wedding?

A wedding is a very beautiful ceremony filled with spiritual meaning. Let's turn to the Orthodox catechismin:

Wedding is a Sacrament in which the bride and groom freely promise each other mutual marital fidelity and their union blessed in front of the priest and the Church in the image of the spiritual union of Christ with the Church, and he asks for the grace of pure unanimity for the blessed birth and Christian upbringing of children.

Wedding photo

It should be noted that the atmosphere of this ceremony is very picturesque and full of its own unique atmosphere. The characteristic twilight of Orthodox churches gives a feeling of belonging to the spiritual and the mysterious. Of course, the memory of such an event should remain for a long time. That is why it is customary to invite professional photographers to the wedding. After all, it is not so easy to recreate the above atmosphere in a photo.


Why is wedding photography so difficult?

This ceremony takes place in low light conditions. Shooting in this light is difficult. Moreover, it is even more difficult to convey the atmosphere inside the temple as it appears in reality. Using outbreaks completely destroy the original visual environment. Moreover, the flash will distract the participants of the ceremony, and in some temples its use is completely prohibited. Thus, the photographer is faced with the task of shooting an event in low light, without using additional lighting. This is possible only with the use of special high-aperture optics, which are more whimsical to use and are much more expensive than conventional lenses. However, the matter is not limited to technology. The photographer must be able to see what is happening at the right angle and catch the most important and interesting moments of this ceremony. After shooting, the photographer is required to creatively process the footage, which today is akin to developing a photo in the past. To get good pictures, you need to review and edit them all.

photo of the wedding in the Lavra

Therefore, high-quality wedding photography remains the prerogative of professional photographers specializing in this kind of tasks. You can view the portfolio and order a photographer for a wedding in Kiev on the following page: