How to choose a wedding photographer (except for portfolio)?

A wedding photographer should be chosen not only for portfolio... The quality of photographs is, of course, an important factor, but far from the only one.

The idea for this article came from working and observing colleagues.

Photographer - a specialist working in the service sector, who communicates closely with people at very important moments in life (be it a wedding, birthday, christening, etc.). This implies a number of requirements for his work and behavior at such events.

  • Appearance... As they say, they are greeted by their clothes. Repeatedly watched photographers and cameramen filming at Registry office or on a walk, in shorts and flip flops. How will such people look in a restaurant where guests are dressed in suits and evening dresses? It would seem an obvious thing, but the concept of a dress code is absent from many.
  • Manner of communication... There is a saying that the toastmaster entertains the newlyweds and guests in the restaurant, and before that his function is performed by a photographer. This is partly true, since the photographer accompanies and guides the couple all day. At the same time, it is very important that it is comfortable to be near him and pleasant to talk to.
  • Discipline... There are people who are always late and do not feel the time. Such a photographer may be 30-40 minutes late for the appointed time and feel calm. Then he can delay the walk for an hour and a half. Because of such shifts, the schedule of the wedding day is disrupted, which is already planned out to the smallest detail. Late weddings are common, but not the photographer's fault.
  • Attitude to work... Not all people realize that they are at work. Someone can afford to have a good drink in a restaurant, skip the shooting of the first dance, and then give advice to the newlyweds about their wedding night. It happens. Responsibility and discipline are as important here as in any other profession.

Therefore, before booking a photographer or videographer for a wedding it is imperative to hold a personal meeting and make sure that in front of you is the person to whom you are ready to entrust the shooting of an important and responsible event.

Black and white wedding photos from Olegasphoto

In this article I will make a selection of black and white photographs from various weddings. When the color is removed from the photo, the viewer can more feel the volume and texture of the photo. Black and white photographs definitely have their own special charm.

Not all photos below are black and white, in some cases I allowed myself to add a slight toning. One way or another, they are all monochrome. In some cases, this is extremely appropriate and allows you to uniquely convey the atmosphere of the scene being filmed. Let's get started!

During a studio photo session with these guys, we got such an interesting shot:

wedding photo


This footage was taken in Mezhyhiria... The area is very picturesque there. You can take pictures all day long. We didn't have much time, but nevertheless we managed to get a series of beautiful photographs.

wedding photo session in mezhyhirya

The couple also took a photo walk in Mezhyhirya. In this area, you can get beautiful photographs both in color and b / w. Taking pictures in Mezhyhirya is always interesting and diverse.

photo session for a wedding in mezhyhirya

At this wedding I filmed video... The shot turned out quite by accident, but I am very pleased with it. Here I added some sepia on purpose to liven up the frame.

With this pair we specially made a series of photographs in retro style... For this purpose, an ancient receiver and an old film camera were specially taken with them. Processing for old photographs.

The photo was taken during a photo walk in Feofania. This is a slightly non-standard composition. In fact, the newlyweds only went to the place for photographing. It was their movement that I wanted to capture here.

This shot was taken during the training camp. brides... It is often at such moments that b / w photographs come in handy.

 I must say that in general I always try to take a photo with the most vivid colors and convey the maximum positivity through color. Color processing takes a lot of time in my photography work. But, as you can see above, sometimes deliberate departure from color gives interesting results.

See also other black and white photo sessions: