Skіlki kostu photographer for a wedding?

How much can a photographer do for a wedding? - Newlyweds are not unmistakable from the food supply, fixing up to the fun.

Zrozumilo, nourishing the price for the services of the photographer persochergov. We can also view the list of photographs for their portfolio and for the given budget. The key moment of the field is in the sense that the bottom of the price does not go down. Also, we have a great number of photographs this year, and we will inevitably lead to a reduction in the quality of the robot and significant dumping on the whole market. Do not think so, why is it cheaper, tim is more beautiful. Good luck, you can know the photographer at the wedding party without koshtovno. Chi varto say, as if you were going to have photographs like this, you will come across a photographer like this ...

As long as the food about the photographer’s participation is worth a lot, it’s easier to ask for a photo of your friends or friends. The result will not be better, if you ask the photographer, if you bought a budget camera a couple of months ago, and once you get the market dumping prices.

Chi Varto to replace the photographer for the whole day or not - send you a message. You can be surrounded by the most important moments: for example, only zbori at home, RAGS and a walk.

On the right in іnshomu. When you look at potential photographs for your fun, you need to get acquainted with the portfolio and lose the phone call and home. Often people just go into the distribution of prices, start accepting numbers and immediately call such "fakhivtsev". Yak was still writing vishche, in deyaky vipadki it is more beautiful not to overwhelm the photographer, what to overwhelm someone.

Who can allow you to know the wedding cheaply?

To provide cheap services of a photographer for a wedding, there is enough:

  • Indications of the budgetary mirror camera. More less read the frames in and out only on the sleepyhead light. About the artist warehouse and don't talk about it. Here є is interconnected both with the side of technology, and in the confirmation of the operation.
  • Dekil'kokh is on the boardless boards, naked on the Internet. The whole point is not vimagaє nі great zusil, nі vitrat for advertising, yaku need to pay off.

Everything is simpler. That is cheap.

Why would a professional photographer be happy with his pennies?

Seryozna robot vimagaє significant material and reasonable investments. Tse і hour і penny і zusilla. Otzhe, for the delivery of the services of the demand:

  • Prydbati professional technology. This includes: a camera, smart devices, new sleepers and synchronizers before them, photo-parasols, batteries, accumulators and so on. Also: a tighter computer for processing photographs, a professional monitor, a graphical tablet. Prior to the speech, the technology is quickly stalled and improved and improved.
  • Robots navichki with graphical programs, additional post-processing. Vimіryuyutsya at the rock.
  • An hour for the processing of the weighing signs. The photographer will be with you on the wedding day. Tse is a robot, you can see it. It’s still an hour long to be stained with the knowledgeable material. At the end of the day, at the end of the day.
  •     Advertising budget. Store from:

-partments for the distribution and support of the site
-parties for drying
-party contextual advertisements

  • And yet the photographer is guilty of making money.

Pidsumovyuchi clerks, it becomes clear that the robot is on the professional level of its pennies. The cleverness of the facts is given to a read about those who are good, you cannot be worth a penny.