Portfolio in the studio - the beginning of a modeling career

It is impossible to imagine a model without a photo portfolio. When contacting any modeling agency, you will be required to have high-quality photos that reveal your potential. Therefore, both novice models and girls who are just planning to enter the modeling business need their own portfolio.

What is a model portfolio?

This is a collection of photographs that show the model in many ways and reveal her ability to pose. Photos must be of high quality and meet certain requirements.

What should be a portfolio?

The portfolio should include the following images:

  • Simple facial portrait from multiple angles
  • Knee-deep portrait in any clothes
  • Photo in sportswear
  • Full length photo in a swimsuit
  • Full-length photo in shorts and short T-shirt
  • Photo in profile with a hat
  • Close-up portrait with evening makeup and hair
  • Full-height photo in evening dress
  • Photo of a model advertising something
  • Photos when doing sports
  • Photo outdoors in a full-length dress
  • Photo outdoors in casual clothes
  • A genre shot that plays up a certain situation

It should also be noted that the portfolio should contain pictures of various types of makeup: no makeup, with everyday light makeup and with evening makeup.

How to make a model portfolio?

To create a portfolio, you need to conduct a professional photo session. It is impossible to select photographs from home archives, however extensive it may be. Only professional photographer, knowing the requirements and specifics of such work, will do everything at the proper level.

Most of the portfolio is shot in a photo studio (about 80% of all photographs). To complement the image, some of the photographs are taken outdoors, in the park, in nature.

Portfolio examples in the studio:

Portfolio for Karina

Portfolio for Valentina
Portfolio for Luda
Portfolio for Albina
Portfolio for Olga


Useful articles:

Shooting in the studio

Professional photography in studio, as a rule, you need it if you need to make a portfolio or conduct a subject photography.

I work on the following terms: rent a studio or I go to the client's territory with my own lighting equipment. The choice of work format depends on the tasks set.

The advantages of a photo studio for rent is the choice of interiors, backgrounds and textures for photographing people or objects.

Backstage video of filming in the studio:


Examples of studio filming:


Examples of subject photography on the client's premises:


Photography for the online store catalog:

Photography for the restaurant menu:

In the case of studio portfolio or a studio model photo session, such shooting is needed in order to best convey the image and abilities of the model, while not being distracted by the background.

A solid background in a studio allows you to concentrate entirely on your subject without adding anything extra to the frame. Studio shooting is indispensable if you need to get some specific lighting effect. For example, using smoke machines or a wind turbine.

On the other hand, if you just need beautiful photos for yourself and the weather on the street is favorable, then it is better to just take photo session in nature.

Shooting in the studio in most cases implies an order makeup artist services... You can read more about the features of shooting in the studio in this article.

Photography in the studio should be ordered first if you need photographs for professional or commercial purposes. A studio photo session is well suited for models, actors, politicians and representatives of other professions that imply publicity.