photography of paintings Kiev

How are paintings photographed?

Photography of paintings - difficult and full of subtleties work. Here, accurate color reproduction is important, as well as the correct display of the texture and volume of paint on the surface of the canvas.

The most common problem that clients contact me for is glare on canvas. Moreover, glare can appear both on canvases under glass, and without. For example, dried oil paint is highly reflective on its own.

photography of paintings Kiev

What is the most important thing in shooting pictures?

In general, all difficulties with photographing pictures are solved by choosing the correct lighting schemes... And there is no single option for all occasions. For example, if on some images you need to hide unnecessary glare, then on others you need to emphasize the gilding or demonstrate the effect of fluorescent paints.

Another case is when you need not only to shoot a painting with oil, but to emphasize the texture of the strokes. You can shoot a picture in a neutral way without shadows from the embossed areas, or vice versa - make it so that the volume of all irregularities on the canvas is as readable as possible.

The same picture can be shot in almost ten different ways, and in each it will look attractive in its own way. Our perception determines the angle of incidence of light on the canvas.

Every artist works in a certain light. Not always, but more often than not, it is the light from the window. This kind of light is different. Windows come in different heights, widths and have different glass / frames. The room can be large, small, light or dark. All of these parameters will affect how exactly the artist will see light and paint his paintings. In order to perfectly convey the artist's vision, photography will need to be carried out exactly in the same conditions under which the paintings were created. That is, you need to either recreate exactly the same conditions or go to his workshop.

About color rendering

For high color accuracy, a colorchecker is used for these shots.

colorchecker when taking pictures

This is a color palette with uniform colors. It is installed next to the painting, so that later, during processing, you can accurately set colors that correspond to reality.

One way or another, photography of paintings has many nuances that a photographer who is experienced in this direction can do. You can read more about the service at link.