Should I order a photographer at the hog

Should you look for a photographer on message boards?

If you looking for a photographer on the Internet, you have probably often come across directory sites with a large number of photographers to choose from. These sites include general message boards such as olx or kabanchik, as well as specialized portals for weddings or photography in general.

The question is Is it worth trusting such sites and what kind of photographer can you order there? Let's talk about specific resources.

Should I order a photographer for

Everyone knows that olx - the largest bulletin board in Ukraine. You can find anything here. There used to be a slando portal, then, so to speak, it annexed, and voila - they got today's monopolist.

So, is it worth looking for a photographer here? To begin with, a self-respecting photographer should always have his own personal website. If you find someone's ad on olx and they have this site not specified, you definitely shouldn't call this number. If the site is listed, then you should look there portfolio, evaluate the quality of the site and make an informed decision.

Should I order a photographer for hog?

Hog - more than just a message board. This is a directory of contractors where you can see their ratings and read reviews from previous customers. Moreover, here you can create a task and the performers themselves will respond to it.

To find a man with a camera here you can very quickly. And this person may even have a large number of positive reviews and a high rating. The only question is why he was given the pluses. Most often, on this site, people do various small jobs. For example, your potential photographer could have earned points for walking someone's dog or taking out the trash.

Once on a hog, I saw an ad where they were looking for 2 people with cameras for a corporate party. At the same time, there was no need to save photos. It took people to create the atmosphere Oscar-style parties, that is, their main function was to work with flashes. For this kind of work, of course, this is the right place.

The prices for services are low there, it can be attractive. But looking for a professional is definitely not worth it. After all, a self-respecting specialist knows the value of his time.

Should I order a photographer at the hog

Should I order a photographer for narrowly targeted portals?

There are many sites specializing in organizing holidays (weddings, corporate events etc.). And these are not event agencies (which should be mentioned separately), but catalogs of services in thematic areas. On such sites, you can order a toastmaster, book a restaurant and, of course, choose a photographer or videographer.

Convenient when you can order everything in one place. It seems that if the portal is specialized, that is, there should be non-random people on it ... A nuance in terms of placement on such sites. On average, they charge 10 to 30% commission on an order and / or a flat fee for placement. As a rule, at the top of the list are people who paid more or have contacts with portal admins. These people may not have their own websites, they may use other people's photos in their portfolio, etc. But they are there because they agreed with the organizers.

Where is the best place to order a photographer?

With all the resources described above, the problem is that you turn to intermediaries. You don't really know who you are dealing with. This is their biggest drawback.

If you are looking for someone through a message board / wedding portal, then you can go to anyone. And most often these are not professional photographers, but random people.

To order good specialist, you need to contact him directly through his website, where you will see his portfolio, reviews, and in principle you will be able to assess how he positions himself.

Corporate PHP academy

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