Why don't you need to save money on a wedding photographer?

Photography is in demand in various industries. The first thing that comes to mind for many is wedding photography. This is a very big piece of cake for people with cameras. But there is also reportage photography, product photography, studio photo sessions and much more. The list can be long. The market is very large. There are also many people on it who do not know how to photograph, do not invest in equipment, do not study, do not work on themselves, but want to earn money. These are the contractors that clients come across when they want to save on services of a photographer in Kiev.

For example, in wedding photography ...

Technique for shooting

One person (there are, in fact, hundreds / thousands in Kiev) shoots a Canon / Nikon camera on a crop / it doesn't matter with a bayonet plug called Tamron AF SP 17-50mm F / 2,8 XR Di II LD Asp. This lens is shamelessly green indoors, has a generally awful color reproduction and produces absolutely out-of-focus photos at 50mm. But it has f2.8 and costs $ 200, like the used camera (maybe Nikon D90 or Canon 600D). The same person also has a second camera hanging on his belt (which looks very cool) with fifty f1.8, which he very occasionally takes off for a walk.

How does he work?

Depicts violent activity, loves to take 20 photos in one pose, while he himself becomes in a cunning position of a samurai. Likes to shoot static portraits with the camera at a 45 degree angle. She behaves very self-confidently, cheekily and works well. The same poses in the same places, the same hackneyed jokes, no matter what the newlyweds are in front of him and what their mood is. On a walk, he likes to constantly show the reflector in the face, so that the bride's eyes water. Light option - it looks like a flash during a walk (eyes do not water, the quality of the photo is similarly dull).

What do customers get on the way out?

  • 3-5 thousand unsorted photos of mediocre quality per day
  • all photos have an arbitrary tilt (as if everyone was on the ship, it was stormy, so the camera was falling to the left and to the right)
  • sharpness in the photo that is, it is not
  • for some reason (?) indoor faces have a consistently green tint, outdoors - how lucky
  • the color of photos varies from blue to frankly orange (white balance? - what is it?)
  • unnecessary objects, people, pillars, fences, etc. constantly get into the frame. (shallow depth of field? - no, haven't heard)
  • some moments were simply missed due to the fact that it was too dark (launching balloons into the sky, ritual of the family hearth, taking out a cake, etc.)
  • sometimes it takes about half a year to wait for this creative

This is a collective image that I observed both close and from afar. A very typical example of an inexpensive wedding photographer Kiev. But the price includes 20-30 photos with retouching and authoring. By the way, they will not differ much from your described 3-5 thousand.

The matter is aggravated when a person who does not know how to shoot gains self-confidence and also raises the prices for his “creativity”. That's why wedding photographer you need to choose yourself, blindly not trusting the recommendations Registry offices (especially - registry offices), hosts, organizers, wedding limousine drivers, florists, decorators and just acquaintances.