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Services of an on-site photo studio from Olegasphoto

Some shootings are almost impossible to implement without studio equipment on the client's premises. It is for such cases that Olegasphoto provides service of organizing a mobile photo studio... This is especially true for subject photography.

Why do you need a mobile photography studio?

  • This service is relevant for shooting large-size objects (over 50cm) in large quantities. For example, if you need to shoot clothes for the online store catalog... If the number of titles is large, transporting them to a regular photo studio can be problematic. Therefore, it will be easier to set up a photo studio at the customer's site.
  • Thanks to the large background and professional lighting, you can shoot people in full height. This is convenient for photographing clothing or other items that need to be tried on or taken with a full-length person.
  • Photography using an on-site photo studio allows you to isolate large objects from the background, which is very much in demand in subject photography.

A mobile photography studio implies the installation of a background 2,5 * 4 meters (standard color is white, other options are possible) and a set of studio lighting equipment to obtain the most voluminous and clear image.

The client is required to provide a room with an area of ​​approximately 4 * 6 meters and access to the power grid.

on-site photo studio on the client's territory

What are the benefits of a mobile photography studio?

  • The main advantage of a mobile photo studio compared to a stationary one in logistics... If there is a need to shoot a large number of products, there is no need to take them to an ordinary photo studio. It will be easier to move the studio to the customer's premises so that everything is at hand. As the saying goes: if Magomed does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Magomed.
  • In addition, a mobile photo studio allows you to adapt to schedule customer. In ordinary photo studios, the shooting time must always be planned and agreed in time relative to other orders.

Organizing a portable studio makes sense for corporate photography:

When is there no need for a mobile photo studio?

  • Shooting small objects (up to 50cm). Such work can be done using a small background without installing a complete studio kit. On the plus side, shooting small subjects doesn't require a lot of space.

How much does it cost?

Cost starts from minimum order. The exact price is calculated depending on the type of shooting, the amount of work and the wishes of the client.