Yak to pick off the registry office for the wedding?

Vibir RAGSu for the reconstruction the boat is on the right side. For the most part, for the day, to fix a mustache. On one side, I would be good, why is there such a thing - yak, dear, de-rozpisuvatisya? Ale, if you want to be happy from the day of the day, it’s holy, until the choice of the RAGS is done as seriously as possible.

Vibrating RAGS, pay respect at the next moment:

  • Roztashuvannya RAGSu.

Tse - perche, for what to fix it. Mice roztashuvannya RAGSu is more important when planning your vesіl day. Transport takes a lot of an hour, so it’s too early to have an optimal route and so you can comfortably move around Kiev without standing in traffic jams.

  • Possibility of parking.

It’s not marvelous, it’s not because of all Kiev’s marriages that can be normally parked.

  • Rosemiri filled a sluice for restoration

Think about the pictures of guests you want to ask for your friend's ceremony. Far from being in our registrar's offices you can find 20 people. Naybilsh mistky Darnitsky (or Livoberezhny - the stench of boule was not very well explained) i Central RAGS.

  • Type of awakening.

It's a pity, the repair of the bagatokh will be overloaded with it. If you want to preserve the Christmas spirit, the call and the inner viglyad will play an important role. The whole plan has a garny vibe: Obolonsky, Pechersky, Solom'yanskiy, Shevchenkivsky і Central RAGS.

Remember, fun is unique and highly important, the memory of yak is guilty of being overwhelmed by rock. In order to help the bully light up and live on the wall, you just need to replace it professional photographer і video operator... A good photo, as well as a competently mounted video - the ability to survive a fun day anew, an uninterrupted number of developments.