How can you make beautiful wedding photos?

Yaksho vi want to make a mistake great photographs at the notice, you need to read the article and remember the moments:

  1. At tsei urochisty day is guilty of a great professional photographer with the approval of that man new establishment.
  2. Before the wedding, you need to meet with the photographer and discuss your ideas. It is also a good idea to be amazed at the production of your portfolio.
  3. The photographer needs to go ahead, about the scenarios of the fun day: for example, the release of pigeons, the fiery first tank of the young, fireworks, or even horse riding. Talk about the need for a long time, so that the photographers need to go to the holy days, to change the objects, remember the adjustment, set up a tripod and the light.

About organizing a fun and a fun walk.

Talk more about how you organize your moments with the photographer, so your spirits will be more beautiful.

  • For a walk and photo session, see the minimum 2 - 3 years. A whole hour of insurance for a decilka of mistsseys, an hour for a trip may be required vrahovuvati.
  • Before the wedding day, you need to call me from the wheel of the truck and tell about the route of the trip, and think about it, that it’s more beautiful than anything else, it’s taking an hour. There were drops, but the driver didn’t know in any place where he was parked and where he was, but he didn’t get it, talk to the water early, but not on the day of the party
  • It’s not natural for a guest to have fun for an hour, so if there’s a photo walk, it’s more beautiful to have champagne in a quiet place, and to drink chimdals from them, but only the groom is called a photographer. If you don’t leave the guests for an hour, then you will have helpless photographs with them, and with staged shots in the background, take the guests, and, moreover, they are not invited for an hour.

More details about the replacement of a photographer for a wedding in Kiev: