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Why clean the matrix and do you need to do it?

Whatever camera you have, sooner or later dust will appear inside it. Moreover, the dust settles not only on the matrix, but also on the entire shutter mechanism inside. Over time, dust becomes noticeable in the viewfinder.

Do I need to clean the dust from the camera?

In fact, the answer is not straightforward. You need to answer a question for yourself: does this bother you? Besides, it all depends on what you shoot the most. A portrait photographer may not feel the effects of a dusty matrix at all. It's a different matter if you're shooting daytime landscapes or doing product photography. So, if you learn about the dust on the matrix only speculatively from articles on the Internet, you can leave everything as it is. If you see that it bothers you and this question really gnaws at you, you need to clean the camera.

How to determine if a camera is dusty?

The most obvious dust is on the viewfinder. Every time you look into it, the dust will be clearly visible. This does not affect the quality of the photos in any way, but it can cause discomfort. Again, everything is individual. Someone got used to it and so they shoot. Personally, it annoys and distracts me.

Dust on the matrix is ​​not so noticeable. In order to accurately determine the dustiness of your sensor, you need to photograph a clear sky on a cloudless day with an aperture of f8-f11 with a wide-angle lens. Most often, dust collects in the corners. One way or another, already at 100% zoom, you will see if everything is in order. Again, as I wrote above, when shooting portraits at open apertures, you will not notice dust at all.

How do I clean the sensor and camera?

There is two options: clean it yourself or give it away for cleaning. Moreover, both options are risky. Therefore, I wrote earlier that it is important to understand whether you need it or not.

Self cleaning - First of all, pleasure is not cheap. Cleaning kits cost about $ 50 and last for a limited number of times. Moreover, you need to understand which ones you can take and which ones you can't. The fact is that an unsuccessfully purchased matrix cleaning brush can scratch it forever. So, you will need brushes, mops, mini wipes, pencils for cleaning - in general, a lot of all kinds of devices. I will not dwell on their features, but the point is that you will not be able to get by with one thing. The technology of competent cleaning of the matrix implies the use of all tools in the correct sequence. Personally, I only use a blowing bulb. If there is a need for full cleaning, I turn to a trusted master.

Cleaning in service - business is also dangerous. Very rarely in our services they treat their work responsibly. In most cases, you will simply be tied with a mop and the matter will be over. After such "vazyakaniya" stains remain on the matrix, which are no better than dust. You can also get scratched with a cheap Chinese brush. And one more unpleasant moment: for this, your camera will be taken away for two weeks. What I also ran into when calling companies on the Internet is curious pricing. You call somewhere, the girl picks up the phone and asks "what kind of camera do you have?" This question already annoys me. After all, the cleaning work does not depend on camera model... But for them it is a reason to charge you more money if you have an expensive camera. I will not be surprised if there is also a piece of paper slipped in, where you will sign, what if anything, there will be no complaints from you to them. In general, if you contact the service, then only the proven one and according to the recommendations. In Kiev, I can advise this master... In other cities, seek and find.

By the way, dust in the camera may appear from time to time. It is enough to shoot in an unfavorable location such as desert or the beach. I ran into this during this photo session... Also, problems will arise if you are filming riding ATVs or motorcycles on rough terrain.

On the topic of cleaning the camera from dust, I remembered a joke about the new Russians:

There are two new Russians in the showroom. One buys a six hundredth Mercedes, and the other asks him:
- Listen, a week ago you bought the same one that you broke?
- No, the ashtray just clogged.

So it is with cleaning the matrix. If it gets dusty, then it's time to buy a new camera :)